Bigfoot found in Georgia by Russian troops!

Amidst the recent incursion by Russian troops into Georgia, Russian troops have found Bigfoot! This dramatic discovery has been heralded as proof of the Yeti’s involvement behind the scenes in this turbulent region. While it is unclear if Bigfoot was killed by Georgian or Russian troops, he was found bearing a recently issued Russian passport. When asked for comment Mr. Putin expressed his condolences for the son of “Mother Russia” saying, “The loss of Bigfoot is a major blow to Georgian-Russian relations. This is further evidence of the brutality of the Pro-Western, Democratically elected Georgian government.” Upon receiving the news, Putin announces his plans to dispatch a platoon of Russian peace keepers to the neighboring state of Ukraine to rescue the last remaining family member of Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman. The snowman, also a designated Russian citizen, is said to be on holiday in the wilds of the Ukraine, binge drinking absinthe, and fraternizing with the local wildlife. In a scene ripped from the script of Saving Private Ryan, these Russians will bring their boy home before another terrible loss at the hands of democracy and freedom. Putin also hinted at the existence of a long lost cousin to Bigfoot, rumored to be somewhere inside the country of Poland. His location has made it quite difficult to receive his new Russian passport, as he left no forwarding address when leaving the homeland.

(This post is pure satire. The events and locations are total B.S. Bigfoot is not real. These events are not real. What is real is the fact people are dying on both sides of this conflict. They are both aggressors. Protecting people in a region that is not yours, on the other side of a big mountain range, because you issued them passports is a total crock of bull. We know Mr Putin that that big ole’ pipeline full of oil heading to the Black Sea had absolutely nothing to do with this. BTW that oil heads to Europe not the USA. So any of you left leaning pinko Euro-pologist can stuff it. This is your mess not ours. You will sit back and watch as the Russian bear comes a knockin’ at your door once again. The Czech’s and the Pol’s can see the writing on the wall. Please do wait till they are sunning themselves on the beaches of Normandy to get off your duffs and do something. )


~ by gotea on August 15, 2008.

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