Cranial Rectal Disorder. Is there a cure?

Cranial Rectal Disorder you say? What is it? How do I get it? Can it be passed to others? Most important, is it fatal?

A short definition can be found here.
A medical condition where a moronic person has their Cranium lodged/inserted through their own Rectal cavity. The Cranium can get as far as the end of the Duodenum, which has been cited in a number of cases. Often, the condition is rendered temporarily, but sometimes the disorder can be lifelong and permanent. When treated, the patient may need the Perineum sutured from the initial Cranial penetration of the Rectal orifice.
Now that you have a better understanding on the condition, You may ask, “What is the point? Everyone has it at some time or another, but fatal?” While we all suffer from it from time to time, the level of its effect sometimes goes unnoticed for years.

    Places Commonly Found

Coffee Shops: While long seen as a bastion for forward thinking introspection, this environment is a prime breeding ground for the mentally inept and where many first contract the condition.
Blogs: Yes Blogs. Even this one my cause you to believe the poo being flung from mental monkeys from a great many places. (While I do not believe myself to be a monkey, I do tend to throw poo at some commonly held beliefs. If these are your beliefs, feel free to disagree. Discourse is encouraged, even when you are wrong.)
Activist Groups:These groups are full of incurable sufferers of this disorder. They should be avoided at all costs. While you may think your are being different and seek to change the world, realize that real change is subjective, and is best served by being enacted on your own immediate environment. These groups have hidden agendas, and if you want free forward thought, the best place to get it is probably not from groups that come armed with political wings and fact sheets. The 60’s are dead. They were a failure. They changed few things. New methods are needed. Hippies need to let it go.
Media: I honestly don’t care if you read Drudge Report or wonder nightly if you are a “Pinhead or a Patriot”. If you read Euro news because the US media is deceiving you, or you read US media because the Euros hate you. What is true to you, may not be true across the pond. Act accordingly.
Your Friends: I know they are the smartest people you may know. They have the inside scoop on Global Warming and the true situation in Iraq. Most of the time, these people are idiots. You know this already. Don’t let them assist in cranial displacement. Your rectum does not need a shoe-horn.

Now you are aware of some of the causes, and the disorder itself, what to do about it? Simple. Pull your head out, look around, breath in and out(repeat if necessary), and for gods sake take a shower.


~ by gotea on August 15, 2008.

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