Questions Above My Pay Grade? Local Bartender Steps In

I despise debates. Normally they are a set up. Chances to ambush your opponent on any miscue abound. Last nights Q&A for Obama and McCain, was a tad bit different. Both seemed to follow the form for these type of events. Commentator X asks a question, Candidate Y and Z sling back their preplanned response.

For the record, I am not a card carrying Republican or Democrat. You could describe my voting habits as in the same vein as the Jeffersonian Republicans of my home commonwealth. Ole’ Tommy Jefferson was a smart man, and there have been many since worth listening to. I am left wondering if he ever encountered a question above his pay grade?

I am no Thomas Jefferson. I am no presidential candidate. I am a bartender. I get hard questions asked all the time. Bars in the USA have a unwritten code. No Politics, and No Religion. It is broken on a daily basis. People come there to soak their sorrows and look for advise. Things are said in a drunken heat. Rarely have I ever come across a question I don’t have an opinion on. In the event it is a new question, you think on the fly. Pretty simple. My pay grade is low, my education level is not.

Now we have a a question posed to a person who wants to be the most powerful man(or woman) on Earth, and it is “Above his pay grade.” If mid way thru a job interview you find yourself in over your head, I have always found it best to thank the interviewer and suggest they look elsewhere. I know my limits. I am not going to interview to be a NASA controller, or a space shuttle pilot. But if you want to be the leader of the free world, you must first recognise that you are the highest pay grade there is. I assume Sen. Obama was trying to say only god can answer that question. There is validity in that for some people. Problem here is, it is a question that must be answered to hold that job. Decisions have already been made on the subject. Those decisions are heatedly contested on every angle. Bottom line, it is the job you are interviewing for. What other situations are above these candidates pay grade?

Q: What if tiny green men from mars sell WMD’s to Iran?

Q: Will I ever win the powerball?

Q: What is the definition of “is”?

In closing, I would like to offer my services to the world populace. I haven’t found any questions that are above my pay grade. I work for tips. Crappy tips. If you are in a position to be the next President of the United States of America (you know the guy with the big red “kill all life on Earth” button), I expect you to own your thoughts and decisions. It is not too much to ask?


~ by gotea on August 17, 2008.

One Response to “Questions Above My Pay Grade? Local Bartender Steps In”

  1. Obama keeps making stupid comments like that and there are some out there that digs everything he says. I don’t get it…the man studder thu his answers as if he didn’t know what to say and John McCain was so quick and clear at the answers he gave. Obama still refused to tell the American people where he stands on abortion…..John McCain did. A win for McCain and a lost for Obama.

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