Teachers: Low pay leads to Socialism.


Teachers. Are they important? Even the uneducated would agree, Yes. The question is, ” How do you get the best teachers, when you pay next to nothing?”. Honest answer is that you can’t.

These are the people that mold, not just your children into functional members of society, but society itself. Information is as important as the way in which it is delivered. Who do you want to deliver that information and how? Do you want the person who is happy to have a 23k job for the rest of his or her life with the perk of summers off? Or, do you want a person that is truly driven to help society and children succeed in life. Right now more of our teachers fall into column A than column B on this defining factor.

There is a direct relation between pay rate and education level. There is also a direct relation between education level and your view of the world. High school educated peoples tend to be populist, like our grandparents. They value a strong social control and strong economic control in the vein of F.D. Roosevelt. These are not our teachers. Thank the lord. People with a limited amount of post secondary education skew towards the Democrats. Give the same person a 4 year degree, and they up their pay grade, and the money they will need to protect in the future, and you have a Republican. Give that same person a Master degree or a PhD, and somewhere in there they learn to think for them self, and become an independent. You may say I am making generalizations and stereotypes. Well yes I am. The fact is that broad generalizations and stereotypes exist because they work. They are a meter stick to make initial decisions. We all tend to follow them until they prove to be subjectively untrue, because we really don’t have the time or resources to go case by case all the time. What does this have to do with teachers leading to socialism?

Pretty simple. pay low and you get the people who will take low pay. The ones with just enough education to make it into a 23K a year job. They haven’t made the extra effort in life, and they are not about to start now. Sure, they may have signed a Greenpeace petition, or dressed in a cow costume to attack the evil neighborhood McDonald’s for their PETA membership card. Other than that they are just lazy. What is wrong with these people teaching your kids you may ask? The answer is, the information provided during learning is as important as how it is presented, and the underlying values of the person providing that information. Even left wing socialist cry daily about new channel X being slanted in their reporting because they are pro western or pro Republican. Well guess what these ex or current Greenpeace hippies are teaching your children. They are instilling “Their” values. They are changing “Your” societal direction. If you pay 23k a year, employ lower qualification people, who statistically are left leaning idealist, where will your society be headed? Where has it already gone? Sure, this can be avoided with direct involvement from parents. Yes parents also are providers of information, and a source for value structures. In todays world, what parent truly has the time to undo the damage to their children? We let the bra burners take away any merit from stay at home moms(or dads). If we put half the effort into valuing child rearing and the family, as we have in ensuring equal pay and opportunity for women in the workplace we may not be in the situation we are in today. Another solution is Church. Yes, another place of learning. A place that teaches values. Church attendance is also in decline. A sad reality.

Take all these factors together, and we have one source that will ultimately outweigh the rest. Working parents, 2 to 3 hours a day, Church, 1 to 2 hours a week, teachers, 6 to 7 hours a day. Lord help us. If we do not start paying teachers well enough to attract the best and the brightest, we will keep getting social layabouts readying our children for government handouts and bread lines. Until we put value back into mothers and fathers taking an active roles in our children’s lives the ship will continue to sink. It is not to late to start reform. It starts with knowing what is being taught and how. Who’s values they are picking up? Do you want it to be the person who makes 23k a year? I personally would want a person who strives to make themselves part of the American Dream. the person who thinks 23k is chicken feed, and a job not worth taking. Someone with drive. Someone worthy of teaching our children, and leading society in the direction that higher education dictates. Common sense dictates action for the standard of American life to continue to rise.

You may feel free to disagree, with any and all of this post. Disagreement and open discussion is encouraged, even when you are wrong.

(For information on trends, here is a statistical site. Their sample size make this not the best site, but does show some trends. Please use Mr Twain’s disclaimer, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”)



~ by gotea on August 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Teachers: Low pay leads to Socialism.”

  1. After reading your article, I typed in teacher pay average and found this link.


    The average salary is over 50K but that doesn’t include the excellent benefit package which typically comes with the job. The biggest perk may be the retirement pension which not too many of us get in the private sector. That seems like excellent money to me to teach a bunch of 6 year olds how to add.

    What teachers really need is the freedom to choose lessons and more importantly the freedom to be fired if they screw up.

    I don’t think more money will motivate people who know they won’t be fired unless they do something crazy or break the law. Without competition the public education system is socialism defined.

  2. While I agree. 50k is great money. As with any salary, it is dependent on work experience and location. 50K in NYC would make you below the local garbage truck driver. http://www.payscale.com/research/US/All_K-12_Teachers/Salary

    is a better site for averages for the USA as a whole. 33K is starting salary per this listing and that is taking into account larger urban areas with higher costs of living. The also doesn’t not take into account the education level as those with masters degrees or above are going to start out higher. Ether way 50k is on the high side. Averages for teacher pay will also be skewed by those that have been in the proffession for many years and have received pay raises. Average starting salary should be what we are looking for. Thanks for reading.

  3. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. First, most teachers I know — both at the middle and high school level — have a master’s degree. There are a few in my department alone (high school English) who have their doctorates. And this is in their content areas, not in education. Most of us teach because 1) we love to teach, 2) we love kids, 3) we love to watch kids learn to become independent thinkers. We know that we won’t make a ton of money. But we have fairly good bennies, (at my school at least) good parent involvement, and (again, at my school) a fantastic administration. Each school is only as good as its admin, teachers, parent/family base, and student buy-in. Just like in the corporate world, good pay does not equal good staff. The highest paid CEO can still tank his/her company. A teacher who makes $23k (or $50k for that matter) isn’t out to create little minions marching toward socialism. I actually work with several Republicans (yes, in the English department, and yes, they also have their master’s degrees). Careful with your stereotyping… Nothing is ever as clear-cut as it seems.

  4. That is great to hear. It is good to have any feedback from the inside. I do not however see you discounting the fact that your personal opinion and world view may effect the way you deliver education to our children. My guess is you are not part of our public school system. While I do believe there are a large number of teachers that have received their masters, I find it doubtful there is a proliferation of Phd’s teaching at the high school level. With respect. thanks for your comment. You school sounds like a good one, I wish that all stories would be the same.

  5. […] If you missed it. Teachers and Socialism […]

  6. Yeah, it’s late — sorry. Kind of bailed on my comments for a while. Actually, we’re a public school (we run out of books, have tape on broken tiles on the floor, have a few broken desks) but it’s such a great place to be — SO much support — that the teachers stay there forever. I will very, very likely retire from there. As will most everyone I’m working with, so long as their partners don’t get transferred to other jobs in other cities. Many of us get our master’s degrees for 2 reasons — 1) going up on the pay scale, and 2) a true love of the subject matter (in my case, literature). Most teachers I know have their MA’s in the content area rather than education. It’s becoming more respected. And more of the better public schools LOVE hiring people with an MA (or an MS). It’s a win-win. There’s def. not a “proliferation” of PhD’s at high school, but I will say that the hours, pay, and bennies are much better at most public high schools than at community colleges where it’s a bitch to try and get even a regular part-time gig. Anyway, just my .25.

  7. No problem. Sounds like a good situation. You can buy new desks and fix floors, but the support you describe cannot be bought. Again, thanks for your input.

  8. No wonder our nation is falling apart. No teacher will take a low-wage high-stress job with little reward. I had many bad teachers, and all were part-timers with enough educ. to get into the job. I lost drive to work in school and quit after 10th. I tried teacher-training, but it sucked. Went into acting as it pays lots more with less trouble.

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