18 year old Russia Skips College, Turns to Life of Crime

June 12th, 1990, onto the scene pops a bouncing baby boy. His parent died on the delivery table, a victim of failed ideas, and poor money management. The world took him in. Gave him everything he needed to survive and prosper. He had the potential to be anything.

We should have seen the signs earlier. When his neighbors came to invest in his future, he swindled them. When just a few years old, he was ruled by organized crime. He exported it to all his neighbors. The bad influence on the block was here to stay. In public, he dressed the part. Joined all the clubs in school, and tried to ready himself for his secondary education. Becoming a productive member of the community was within his grasp, but like all teens, he wanted the easy way out. While his brother and sisters struggled, he was given more. The favorite child, he began to covet what hard work and determination had brought to his siblings. Constantly bullying and stifling their development, only he could lead the family. A chip off the old “Block” they say, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The charges now stand: attempted murder of his sister. Like father like son. His sister got a little cash, made friends with the cool kids, and didn’t give her brother a cent. He hadn’t earned it. His excuse, “Dad left that to me when he died, see it has my name all over it.” When his sister slapped him back, he backhanded her across the room and tried to kill her. Thank god people were watching, or it would have been worse. A court date has been set. Instead of being taken into custody, he was freed pending outcome.

It will be interesting to see the outcome. He has already been seen parading around the old neighborhood in his fathers hand-me-downs. Such promise. Such opportunity. Just like his dad. What a waste.



~ by gotea on August 19, 2008.

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