Morning Coffee and the BBC: View from Across the Pond

As usual, a hot cup of coffee and the morning news greet me on this fine day. I enjoy spinning through the local rags, then CNN, FoxNews, and normally end with the BBC. I enjoy them all. By the time I reach the BBC I have read 4 or 5 different versions of the same news story. It is always my goal to find the common facts in each story, and what is left out by each view. I have been doing this for about 10 years now. Right now I am really worried about our friends in Great Britan.

The English don’t need American pity, and this post is in no way a source of pity. These are the same people who brought commerce and imperialism to a lot of the world largest democracies. The manner in which they have redrawn the world map is lasting. I would argue that it was for the greater good, no matter the method they used to do it. They brought themselves to the world, and it came back home with them. In the buildup to the landing in Normandy by allied troops it was said that there was so much armor on their island that it may flip over. They same may be true about people in the coming years.

The English are a multicultural society. Not in the same vein as the USA, but in some ways more multicultural. In the new world, cultures didn’t always have a section of town designated for their ethnic group. Except for the east coast cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston or to a lesser degree Chicago, immigrants were forced to “melt” together. England was already well established, and that lead to a much different dynamic. I would argue a more dynamic and volatile melting pot.

For 10 years(a brief snapshot) I have watched as the Brits have handled the integration issue. They too have had their own waves of immigration. In the mid 20th century it was the West Indians, and the East Indians. Today it is the Kurds and the Poles that dominate discussion and decent. They came there and went straight to their own ghetto, to their own language, and in a sense, away from their new host country. In Britain they have stopped melting. The new immigrants are there for economic reasons, but they refuse do it as a British person. England has become an economic meal for the global scavengers. When will it dry up? Maybe soon. Will the scavengers move on to another area of the world, and when they leave, will they leave as Brits or as people from their country of origin? Next stop China?

This is what worries me. The British are all too aware that they are giving and not receiving any payback. They are receiving payback in the form of increased knife violence, and common thuggery. Much can be said about a culture that has learned to defend itself without a gun. An American viewer would say not all of it good. Although the Brits may in principle disagree, the chance to have a pistol in their pocket while walking a dark street must be tempting. These are the people that kicked Rommel 1500 miles across North Africa, and now can’t cross a street. The same people that had India under its thumb, who built Hong Kong into the worlds greatest center of commerce(and for some reason gave it to back Communist China. Don’t blame Walmart for that one.). The Brits need a solution.

This leads me back to the BBC website. No place is this clash of cultures more evident than on their own state run media. Sure it leans left. I will agree to disagree with them. I am speaking directly of the Have Your Say(HYS) portion, provided for reader response. If you are an American, there is no better site on the net to set your blood a boil with your morning coffee. Spend just 10 minutes there and any common American would be for a weekend invasion of Canada, just to pop those morons on the head. It is really easy to be anti-war when so close to US military protection. The Canadians need a good ass kicking, but that is another article. Scroll down and you will see the post by Jai, from India about Americas screw ups, and be constantly reminded of India’s status as the worlds largest democracy(Even though their social system is far from democratic, and fist fights routinely break out in their parliament.) Jai neglects to tell you he is typing his anti-western views while at work in and outsourced call center. You will read about Britain and American decadence from Abdul, a common British citizen, and the effects that Zionism has on his life at the corner store. Given a chance, he could also provide you will a review of the upcoming Snoop Dog album. Search as you may, through 20 pages of readers response, and you will be hard pressed to find a survivor of the Battle of Britain. They are there. They are just overwhelmed, and have stopped fighting it. Spend just 30 minutes a day on the BBC and you will be sure they world is coming to an end and ole’ G.W. Bush planned it all. The Russian-Georgian conflict will be attributed to another American oil grab(even though the oil and gas from the black sea fuels Europe).

Where are the English? Do you guys need help? Blink twice for yes, and one time for no. The British have been overrun by their own policies. In 20 years will there be an England left? That is my question for the citizens of the crown. This “Battle for Britain 2” cannot be fought from an underground shelter. These are not V2 rockets they are dodging. They are home grown extremist, who have refused to integrate into their gracious host country. (One point I would like to make. The immigrants of the mid 20th century have integrated well from my vantage point. They are as much victims of the onslaught as the remaining Anglo-Saxon gentry.) How do we help the British?

I am entirely confident in the British. They will right the ship. From the view across the pond, things seem to be coming to a boil. Here is hoping for a positive outcome. This American sees the challenges you face in the coming decade. The front lines of the “War on Terror” are not in Afghanistan or Iraq. They are on the dark ghetto streets of Britain. Good luck from across the pond.


~ by gotea on August 19, 2008.

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