Breaking News: Russians Begging for Ass Whooping.


Russia says its response to U.S. missile shield development will go beyond diplomacy. Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the U.S. plan is part of an “extremely dangerous bundle” of military projects.

Ivan is begging for it, and about to get it. Question #1 for Russians? Do you actually think we brought out the latest in military hardware to go after insurgents? Question #2; Was star wars really a bluff?

When all the lights go out, and your ipod stops working, “I told you so.”

It is important to note. Poland is one of the only places that have ignored the trend of Anti-Americanism. There will no more “We must annex the Sudetenland” bullshit. While Russian is betting on the Americans to be too tired of military conflict to respond, I would rethink that.

Suggestions from this Kentuckian. Watch your mouth, you could get punched in it.



OSLO, Norway – Norway’s Defense Ministry says Russia has informed it that it plans to cut all military ties with NATO.

Ministry spokeswoman Heidi Langvik-Hansen says the country’s embassy received a telephone call from Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday, saying Moscow plans “to freeze all military cooperation with NATO and allied countries.”

Norway was told in the telephone call a written note about this would be sent out shortly.

Russian officials were not immediately available to confirm the information and officials at NATO headquarters said they have not been informed of any such moves.

NATO foreign ministers Tuesday suspended formal contacts with Russia as punishment for sending troops into Georgia.


~ by gotea on August 20, 2008.

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