Sons of Ishmael: Not Welcome at Labor Day Family Reunion

We all love a good feud. It gets no better than when Abraham’s kids get together for a BBQ. When the invites went out for the annual Labor Day Family get together, there were some noticeable omissions. Yep that is right. Actions have come home to roost, and the black sheep has been cut permanently from the flock. For too many years, the tensions of the event have made it a less than hospitable gathering. This years gathering promises to be a bit more subdued. The family potato sack race is again on the schedule for this years festivities. Marred by last years second place finish by Ishy’s great-great-great-grandson Mohammed, it was removed from the calender until todays announcement. As one family member put it, “We are gracious losers, and come together in a spirit of family unity. Suicide bombing the Kool-aid stand, because of a less than stellar showing, takes the joy out of the whole event.” The announcement, most admit was a long time in coming. The annual, “Your mom is a whore!” shouting match, was just getting old. There has been no mention of whether the “unvite” will extend till next year, most would agree it is not looking good for the wild haired bunch. Photobucket


~ by gotea on August 20, 2008.

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