Russia Threatens World with Rusty Missile & Leaky Boat.

Let’s have a talk here Vlad. Are you really going to threaten the world with that piece of crap military? We all have the Discovery channel. I am no military genius, but don’t you think it is time to upgrade a bit? We all saw what happened when you submerged the Kursk. There are rocks in my backyard that have the same strategic value. They too sink and never surface when tossed into a puddle of water. Aren’t you the same country that was giving joy rides in your top end MIG’s just to make alittle cash on the side?

Let us face some realities here. Reagan sucked your military resources dry with the threat of “Star Wars”. If we actually built it or not, we are probably not telling. Since 1990 Russian spending cash has been on the low side. The computer revolution went into full swing, and you built barely enough firepower to stay afloat. The USA has been in a few conflicts, but honestly has brought out little of the new gear imo. I mean it has been 18 years. Only new thing you have seen are a few experimental missiles, a UAV or 2, and a stealth bomber we made in the 70’s. Yeah we know that simple, basic equipment works. My guess is that there a are a few tricks we still got left in the bag here. 18 years worth.

So a word to the not so wise. Unless you get the entire cast of Pimp My Ride to defect, I suggest a little less mouth from you. We really shouldn’t even let you sit at the big kids table anymore until you can prove you can behave. For now, the only defensive preparations we need are a crap load of tetanus shots, and a few hundred cans of Rust Away.


~ by gotea on August 22, 2008.

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