Return of the Retrocon: Generation X Strikes Back

I am a Retrocon. Always have been always will be. While many of my blogging peers, probably easily 10-1, are left wing wackos, I remain. No, I am not 60, nor am I 20. I am Generation X. The generation that has been forgotten. The one who brought you the prosperity of the 1990’s.

Too much is made of Generation Y, and the Baby Boomers, While the later, could also be considered Retrocon, We must put the blame for the 60’s firmly on their shoulders. For the former to wear the tag, they would have to adopt a value structure and a realistic point of view of the world in which they live. Don’t hold your breath.

Where have we been? Generation X was building the world, changing the way we do business, and sharpening their spears. Everyday you see the wingnut left scream of “Neocon”. Generation X cannot be Neocon. Our responses are predictable. Raised under Reagan, true architects of the Internet, a generation of technocrats. It can be said that some things skip a generation. Gen Y and the Boomers have banded together for a group “oh shit” meeting. Yes the generation that struggled for peace and love, and the new generation seeking to find peace and love. The hippies were a failure, but they are the example being followed. Gen X follows the lead of their grandparents. The Greatest generation. The same people who saved the world from fascism, have finally seen a child they can truly embrace. We are the last to hear the true horrors of WWII first hand, and find them believable from our aging grandparents. We will never deny the holocaust that befell the Jews and Gypsies of Europe. We saw first hand, the scars on wrinkled skin left by the policies of appeasement. Throwing candy at tyrants is not our style. We are the secret legacy of the Greatest Generation. The one left for dead, and branded with an X. We are the “Incase Shit” button, left by those who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy. We are Retrocon.

We are the children raised on vinyl records begging us to”Give Peace a Chance”. We are the ones who woke and found, given the chance, peace would be gunned down on an NYC sidewalk. We were made for times such as these. Denied by our parent our own identity, ridiculed by the fatherless youth of the Glasnost 90’s, we abide.

The time of the Retrocon has arrived. We were made for such occasions. Do something, or get out of the way.



~ by gotea on August 23, 2008.

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