God Seeks to Reaffirm “Below Sea Level” Rule for Louisiana Residents

Maybe they missed the hints the first time. Maybe they though God was just into major redecorating. Maybe they are not so smart. Years after Katrina helped to turn New Orleans into the worlds largest backed up toilet bowl, we are still rebuilding a city “Below Sea Level”. Now lets set one thing straight. I feel for the people who lost their lives and property in New Orleans, but as a native of another river city I must say you people don’t know how to take a hint.


Scream as you may about levees not being built correctly, because you are right. I will scream back, “Don’t build your house there dumbass”. Many of the previous residents have taken note of God’s first hint and moved to higher ground. I applaud them. For those who have stayed behind and tried to rebuild in higher areas inside New Orleans, I am equally as proud. But if a Gustav hits LA as is currently projected, I don’t need a repeat of seeing morons standing in waste deep sewage, blaming G.W. Bush for the fact they were too dumb to move to high ground. As I said, I grew up in a river city. Even the dumbest of the residents know that if the water started to rise, move to high ground. No city in the history of man has screamed “Help me I am stupid” louder than the Crescent City. Loud enough that we almost forgot that Katrina absolutely destroyed the Mississippi coastline. The fact is folks, New Orleans is never going to return to the city it once was. You don’t have that much viable land. It is sad, but time to bite the bullet here.

So to clarify, if the levee breaks again, and the water begins to rise, run the other way. Don’t stand in it and wait for Kanye to cry on national TV. You have nobody to blame but yourself, God already clarified the meaning of “Below Sea Level” for you.

~ by gotea on August 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “God Seeks to Reaffirm “Below Sea Level” Rule for Louisiana Residents”

  1. Things should go differently with Bobby Jindle in charge. However, I’m big on personal responsibility. Too many folks sat on their butts waiting for the government to pick them up and move them. It’s the nanny state mentality at it’s finest.

    Thanks for visiting Right Truth and your kind words. I’ll give your site a mention later today.

  2. Round-Up…

    Looney Left:…

  3. There is an old nursey rhyme about the 3 little pigs. One built his house out of sticks, the wolf blew it down. The third pig built his house out of stone. He was the smart Pig.

    Maybe people in the path of the Wolf, should build their house out of stone.

  4. Had a good laugh….you are on target!

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