McCain Picks Woman: Liberal Bloggers Soil Pants, Search for Change…of Underwear.

Boy that just sealed it. When I woke today, I found Gov. Palin, a refreshing choice. Left-Wing Bloggers must feel like someone just peed in their Wheaties.

In a slam dunk move that left John McCain hanging from the rim, and pointing at the crowd, the left wing “change” playbook became obsolete today. Let us just spin thru the blog titles for a fun look at “Epic Flail

  • Stealing Feminism : No reason to even click on this one. There hasn’t been this much woman on woman violence since GLOW(Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) disbanded.
  • Sarah Palin. Divide and Conquer: The tag on this one claims that McCain has sold out by picking a woman. Dem’s were already divided, and pretty close to being conquered.
  • McCain/Milf 2008 : I kind of like this one. She is pretty darn hot. A little low ball, but the remark is telling.
  • McCain Picks a Doozy. I mean, a Floozy; This one actually came from a woman. Total flail.
  • hillary should be mad at sarah: I don’t really see why. Hillary should be mad at the liberals for ignoring her 18 million votes. Somewhere Hillary just giggled and high-fived Bill.

That is all from just the first 2 pages. When it is a woman liberal, it is change. When it is a conservative, she becomes a floozy. I can see why the feminist wouldn’t like this one. Having 5 kids without one trip to the clinic is just anti-woman.

So let the attacks fly. They are coming, but there is a real glass houses motif being played out here. We had 18 million people vote for a woman they really didn’t like too much.

A couple Key points about the pick:

  • Woman’s Vote: This is the easy one. Fence sitting Clinton supporters just lost their balance.
  • Union Vote: While you will see many try and say her husband is all about big oil. The guy is a card carrying union member. I hate unions, but the targeted swing voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania don’t. Voting against this pick will be like picking against the Steelers or the Browns in their fantasy league.
  • Race/Sex Card: McCain never played it. Obama never played it well. The negation of this bad boy cannot be understated. Newsweek would lead you to believe not voting for Obama would make America “Racist”. How bout them apples hippy?
  • Monopoly on Change: Gone. Kaput.

So “Black and Blue” Friday is upon us. A day that left the left realing and on the ropes. One night after their feel good speech, the old warhorse lands an uppercut. I honestly feel great. I would like change in Washington. Compare the distance from Deleware to D.C. and the Distance from Alaska to D.C., and you will find the person furthest from the Beltway Squallor. Real Change is now an option.



~ by gotea on August 29, 2008.

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