Dangers of Blogging:A Tyranny of the Vocal Minority

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” as they say. My question: Have blogs and special interest groups hijacked the American Republic? I would argue that this new social dynamic requires a response from people like myself. To quote Paulie from Rocky 4, “I am the unsilent majority, bigmouth!”

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

How true Ed. When the 60’s gave us fringe activism, it was less effective. Coming out of the post McCarthy era, people began to open their mouths ever wider. That, my friends, is democracy. I personally despise a true democracy. It is as bad as socialism.  I am a mental elitist. Not quite as hard core as Machiavelli, but pretty damn close. One of his core beliefs was that there is a system of balance between the leader, rulers, and populace. That core belief has been stabbed through the heart by the information age. We have entered a period of mob rule in world opinion. A dangerous period.

The United States is a Republic, or representative democracy. To put it simply, the guy pumping your gas gets a vote, a vote for a person who shares a common world view. Their representative. You may ask, “Why are you explaining this like we are morons?” Honestly, I think I may get a stray idiot or 2 on my blog, and I would love for them to understand it. Of course, that takes an open mind, so I am probably wasting my time. There is a common theme found in The Prince, Federalist 10, On Liberty, and Democracy in America. The average citizen should feel in control of their destiny, but not too much control as to damage the common vision of the majority of that society. The problem is, I don’t want the guy pumping my gas making decisions about global economic policies or how to proceed in a military conflict(see Vietnam). Thank the lord for Representatives, and God save us from our representatives lead astray. Money moves mountains, and sways votes. Just ask any “Big Oil” lobby or MoveOn.org’s George Sorros. The issue is who’s interests are being served? Not that of the people I can assure you. That is the “Tyranny of the Vocal Minority”.

De Tocqueville wrote of the “Tyranny of the majority”.

to quote Wiki for the kids

The phrase tyranny of the majority, used in discussing systems of democracy and majority rule, is a criticism of the scenario in which decisions made by a majority under that system would place that majority’s interests so far above a minority’s interest as to be comparable in cruelty to tyrannical despots.

While many have been brainwashed to think ole G.W.Bush has reached this point, I would argue the converse is true. Here is the root cause that makes this all possible. World opinion has been set against the policies of his administration so that the vocal minority has become both receptive and susceptible to the propaganda of the minority. It could be said to be Europe’s last great refugee sent to Ellis Island. The same reason we left the old world is being shipped wholesale to the Americas via the BBC and other news sources. The Canadians and South Americans have bought it up like an Ipod. Our children are now doing the same. Any response via the US media is quickly shot down by this theologies internal fail-safe. My news lies to me. Maybe, but my eyes do not. This same theology is spit right back out on blogs and so called open news sources to sway the minds of the uneducated and undereducated youth. Thank God for representatives right? No so much.

The current election is being lead by this tyranny. On one hand we have a young charismatic black guy(Hitler and Mussolini were damn charismatic too) that seems to say all the right things. On the other we have an old guy who didn’t dodge the draft, and for some reason, is demonized for spending years in a prison camp. I hear it was an all-inclusive prison camp per one of its western visitors, the wife of the unbiased head of CNN. I have yet to find it on either Expedia or Priceline. (Holds tongue on Hanoi Jane….bitch..{underbreath})

Why type all this in a blog? It is a response. Just one response, when there needs to be many. A Retrocon uprising. Time for the silent majority to say “Enough of the crap people”. Silence in this instance is wildly dangerous. The world has entered a fluid and unstable state, and the ignorance of the vocal minority is spreading like poison. They have convinced you that your country is evil and failing, that 9/11 never happened, that islamic terrorist are freedom fighters, and that to get right with the world we must believe this putrid stench, and call it “change”. This is not change, it is surrender. Surrendering what was sacrificed by the first members of you family to leave this so called “change” behind for the new world. A better life they sought and built, and a country followed. A county build in the image of the majority, a free people of varying ideas melted together into a cohesive common thought. Freedom.

So, next time you step to the blog, come strong. Say what “you” want. Understand that what you regurgitate may kill a country and the idea that is freedom and liberty for all. The BBC, MoveOn.org, and Drudge Report are not the majority. The majority are outside your windows. Not the loud ones with the picket signs at your rally. There is a reason why there are only a 1000 of you at that rally. The silent majority is at work, living their lives, and complacent. I am not. One last thing. Beware of Charismatic “Change”.  The Treaty of Versailles cause a people to seek Charismatic Change. They found it in a young inexperienced leader. One that offered them economic relief and a new way for doing things. He was a media darling. His speaches moved people. The minority spread his vision. Common thought surrounded him, and the minority out screamed the majority. He brought prosperity to his people. Then he brought them death. His name was Adolf Hitler.



~ by gotea on August 30, 2008.

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