WWKD: What Would Kanye Do? Gustav Waves at NOLA

I am waiting for it. The evacuations have begun. To leave your home or wait for the rising waters? WWKD? He needs to put out a press release wit a quickness. I can help out, Just copy and paste. “America don’t care about black people. Stay where your are an we can blame it all on the man and get big ole checks from the government. P.S. Buy my new single I’m So Hood Remix 3. ….”I got this water around my waste, and da man is plannin to hate. I’m So hood”

(this post is pure satire. It is meant to directly insult Kanye West, hood rats of NOLA, and morons who bilk the government out of aid money. I in no way mean this as inoffensive to the citizens of the Crescent City. You should have moved out of that toilet bowl of a city already, and you have no one to blame but yourself. )

Yeah i know. This post is mean as hell. I am totally sick of the whining. As are alot of people.


~ by gotea on August 30, 2008.

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