Weekly Roundup: Gustav, Nagin, Palin, and Kittens

Well it was another banner week for society. New highs and lows were reached. The status quo was fulfilled, and I had some tasty BBQ. Lets recap a bit…shall we?

  • Hurricane Gustav has cause a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. I have to take my hat off for Ray Nagin. Watching his press conference he may have seemed like a prophet of doom, but strait talking disaster assessment is what people need. I am giving you an A+ Mayor. I always liked Nagin, and anyone who has seen my latest lambasting of the Crescent City will tell you I don’t like much about that place. My question is, for those staying behind with no police, or services, how bad is the looting going to be? Really bad.
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  • Related news, some people are too broke or too dumb to leave still.  I would like to offer a solution. Catch a ride out of town. When you get north a bit, knock on any neighborhood church door. I assure you, you will be given shelter and food. People are good like that. Compassion is what the Jesus thing is all about.
  • You will see many liberal blogs taking a shot at the Republican National Convention for continuing. Gulf coast delegates have announced plans to stay home, to their credit. What you won’t see is what they are really saying behind your back, or say, on a plane while campaigning for change. Munch on this one for a bit. A shout out to  Don Fowler and Rep. John Spratt (D-SC). Watch for people with cameras when you open your mouth, and say something stupid.
  • John McCain has released his nomination for VP, Gov. Sarah Palin. I personally think it is a huge swing in his direction. Now we get at least 3 months of women bashing women, for being…women of course. Here is where you see the true nature of feminism. It has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with being a militant-man hating lesbian. Yeah I said it. You can’t scream equal rights for women, and dress up like a male lumberjack.
  • An American Carol will be released on Oct. 3rd. You won’t hear about it, and probably won’t get to see it. It is slated to be in 2000 theaters nationwide. Call me crazy, but this is blatant censorship. Conservatives own 50% of the vote in this country, but apparently don’t like movies according to Hollywood. Never mind that it is written by David Zucker, you know the guy from Airplane, Naked Gun and Scary Movie fame. It stars Kevin Farley, the brother of the late Chris Farley, Kelsy Grammer, and Jon Voight to name a few. The image of Gen. George S. Patton slapping around Michael Moore is enough to make me see it twice already, sans script. This move deserves a look.
  • And in stupid Cranial Rectal California style news. An African American couple has successfully censored a fair in California. Apparently they were offended by a watermelon seed painting and the city agreed with them. Look next year for my entry. It will be one part Mapplethorpe and one part Stephen Foster. While the Mapplethorpe part would be just fine in California, the 2009 version of my minstrel show is sure to be a crowd pleaser. You people are the dumbest people on the planet. I can’t wait for the big one to hit.

Well that is about it. I could go into the whole Putin says Americans planned the Georgia Invasion thing. Of course that would mean he intentionally attacked the USA. Rarely is there news too dumb to comment on here, but even I have standards.

So be careful out there this week. Have some tasty BBQ. It will balance your Chi. Remember stupid happens, and only you can prevent it. Watch out for poo flinging monkeys.


~ by gotea on August 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weekly Roundup: Gustav, Nagin, Palin, and Kittens”

  1. The jokes about Palin’s breasts and ovaries have reached a new high because after all that’s what women are – breasts and ovaries.

  2. I have no clue what that means, but I am sure it will make someone uncomfortable. So I am cool with it.

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