Anarchist Pre-Planned Attacks: Can Anarchy Actually Have a Candidate?

I always thought anarchy was the lack of order and leadership. How can you be an anarchist and do planned attacks? let the chips fall as they may I thought. But, if you really have the removal of law, order, and leadership in mind, why attack only one convention? I mean you really have to strike at all the political heads to be true anarchists. If not you are just terrorist with an old punk rock t-shirt. I am definitely no believer in your idiocy, but if you are going to do something. Get it right for god’s sake.



~ by gotea on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Anarchist Pre-Planned Attacks: Can Anarchy Actually Have a Candidate?”

  1. Both conventions were attacked, read the news. Try reading something about Anarchism while you’re at it…

  2. No need to read about it. Just need a definition. If you notice I didn’t really give a shit about anarchist. I would only suggest that they are terrorist by any other name, and when they attack the green party I will eat my hat. Extremist can call themselves what they want. thanks for defending anarchy on my blog. I am sure you will find many converts to your cause.

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