Are Predictions of a Landslide Premature?

No I am not talking about the effects of global warming. I am speaking on the election. Is a landslide prediction out of the question? If so, who will be buried?

I am going out on a limb here, like always. I will ignore the polls, media, and other bloggers. I will be ignoring history, rhetoric, and plain logical thought and predict a landslide. Why the hell not. November is closing in on us quickly. The conventions have come to a close, and most Americans have probably made up their mind. This will be no Mondale/Ferraro, at least I don’t think so. I am struggling with two contradicting indicators. The media and my own eyes and ears.

Believe the media, and “Change” is in the bag. Well some kind of change, or really maybe no change at all. Obama/Biden should just go ahead and claim victory now and go sit on a beach, again. Anyone from France24, BBC, and CNN will tell you, there is a cry for change and a righting of the American ship. See the Europeans got mad at us because we go too fast, to their credit, and Americans got mad at themselves. We want to be liked. Like any young person we are striving to fit into the cool crowd. After all we are only a couple hundred years old. How do I find out what is cool and new? The media and Hollywood of course. If I go by that logic alone, Obama landslide is coming, alert the Incas.

Then I go to my other sense of the world, the people around me. I will be the first to tell you I live in a “Red State”. I disagree with this color assignment, because Blue is the color of my native state of Kentucky, but it too is a “Red State”. Why some idiot got to chose the colors for states is beyond me, but I digress. When I travel thru my day I run into many people. I interact with a wide range of people and social classes. From the guy I buy my cigarettes from, to the people I serve, you get a pretty good view of how this puppy is going to play out. Step back one year, and you could see the energized liberal faithful touting reform. They were loud as they ever get, except when screaming ,”What are the charges!”. Flash forward to today and the conservative base has woken up, and they are getting pissed off. They are now the most vocal group. It can be said the loudest monkey in the jungle wins. Today’s monkey is a Republican. As I said, I live in a red state, so my view could be skewed, but I live in a county that is urban and votes Democrat. I can only guess that the views in the small towns are leaning harder to the right. Landslide prediction, McCain, call the national guard.

So which one do I trust here people? I need your help. I have been told for 8 years that the media lies to me. I am really struggling with the fact that the people screaming that, are the same one that the media is pusing towards office. So I am going to trust my eyes and ears. I will be the first to admit that glasses and a hearing aid may become a nessesity if I am wrong. So the vote prediction is in. McCain/Palin by 20%. Welcome to office. Please fix this economy, create some jobs, and restore the virtues that the people I see and hear want. As for the media, those same people wanted to tell you to “Kiss their ass.”

~ by gotea on September 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Are Predictions of a Landslide Premature?”

  1. I hope you are correct.

  2. As a fellow Tennessean, I hope you get the same feel.

  3. I am a native Floridian, but now I live in Chicago. Not a suburb of Chicago, not “near” Chicago – IN Chicago. I am an employee of the City of Chicago. I am active in my church and have many friends from many different walks of life.
    And although Oblahblah will certainly get 100% of the black vote here, I don’t know 5 white people who intend to vote for him. It’s not that he’s black. It’s that he’s a black supremacist, and a socialist and we are very familiar with his Machine politics.
    I’m sure that the college profs and aging hippies will vote for O, but I think IL is going to be closer than it has been in recent memory.
    And my prediction? McCain landslide. Not a Reagan landslide, but certainly not “close.”
    There just aren’t enough journalists and college profs and guilt-ridden hippies and college kids in this country to negate the vote of the bitter, gun-clinging, Bible-thumping average American. (I am a proud member of the aforementioned group.)
    And trust me, y’all. You DO NOT want the US run like Chicago. This city is corrupt from the top down. This city is run like the Outfit. Those who oppose the Machine are destroyed. Don’t like taxes? Tough. Don’t like your taxes subsidizing abortion at a public hospital? Tough. Don’t like Oblahblah giving the hospital where his wife works a one milion dollar earmark, followed by his wife getting her salary tripled? Tough.
    As soon as my condo sells, I’m leaving, but leaving AMERICA is not an option.

  4. Obama/Biden shall win with a landslide, namely 24%.

    Palin should go to jail because she is not an honest person but has already proven she is criminally minded (21.000 $for kids travel/150.000 of GOP;s money for clothes and hair (what *hocky mom* living frugal?) /Trooper scandal (and it is not over yet)/pipeline scandal (just got on the news), two more court cases waiting for ms Palin lodged by other disgruntled employees,/ 100 jobs given in Alaska to *friends* with similar shaky backgrounds and education as Palin etc etc.

    McCain might be a good guy but he is old and has had cancer already 4 times, he wont survive the next 2 years.

    Obama/Biden shall win and do a fabulous job for America and the world!

  5. Australia is preparing laws to prevent specific American groups from moving to their very well-run, peaceful and beautiful country:

    Democrats very welcome. Get your application form here on line.

    Republicans not welcome and need not apply.

    1. Democrats are much better educated than Republicans and would work towards a better future in australia
    2. Republicans are basically gun loving, aggressive and lower educated.More *loud mouth small brain*, and are therefore not wanted.

  6. Interesting enough I have touched on all these subjects. I.E. Democrats happen to be much less apt to go past undergraduate level. Aussies love their gun but had them taken away(I am sure they would like them back). Aussie always had strict immigration laws. Too bad because they have alot of available women from the last BBC article I read. On top of that, I didn’t have a single visitor from Australia or Switzerland yesterday, so you are kind of full of shit on 2 counts. As for dude claiming 24% landslide for Obama, back away from the pipe, and please don’t riot when you lose.

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