Darfur:When Talking Fails

It honestly makes me sick. Today more people were killed in the Sudan region of Darfur. What can be done about it. What is being done about it? The we can talk it out crowd has allowed ethnic cleansing and the murder of thousands. What have you done for the people of Darfur? Maybe you have a sign in your front yard, or a pin on your jacket. Blood is on your hands.

Let me set one thing straight, going into Iraq was not something I supported. It happened because the multilateral group imposing sanctions were too interested in their oil contracts. The French and the Russians had a lot to lose if Saddam Hussein was taken from power. They refused to act, as they will when Iran spirals out of control.  This forced the USA and Britain to act unilaterally. The damage done by subverting the will of the international community is now being played out in Sudan. The blood of 300,000 dead rest on the hands of the same people that call President Bush a war criminal. If free people do nothing to subvert blind aggression and racial hatred, they bear the shame of the consequences. Yes, I am talking to you peace loving ideologues, who stand by while the undefended are slaughtered. You have neutered the only countries that are willing to do anything about it. The African Union can’t control anything on their contenient. The Americans still remember Somolia, another attrocity caused by the left wing ideologies you hold dear. Lets face it here. Africa is on nobodys top list of places to protect. No place on earth are borders as fluid as the cradel of mans conception. The trap has been set for those willing to protect the unprotected. Genocide still happens, and peace protesters do nothing but throw empty talk while hundreds of thousands die. To ignore your part in these henious acts is to ignore reality. Talking stops when you have a gun to your head. Only an hippy would bring a pen to a gun fight.  Human rights extend far beyond the effects of a few American bullwhips, or a carribean island most would pay to visit on holiday. Some times you have to fight. The world will not change to fit your ideas of peace and love. John Lennon asked us to “give peace a chance”, and was paid back with a bullet.



~ by gotea on September 6, 2008.

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