Weekend Round-Up: Knuckle Dragin’, Mouth Breathers of the Blogsphere

The conventions are over. It has come time to give credit where credit is due. The gamplan has been written. Let us see what the masses have to say about our candidates. Will we find out something new? The game changing play is out there somewhere.

Top stories:

  • Bhuttos Widow?: This is the top political story. It is even more amazing given the fact the “widow” in question is a dude. Thanks for the news Political Fancier. Maybe I will suggest less fancy, more politics.(site has since been corrected. Her site was the best out of all of these, so I hope I helped her along a bit)
  • Woman on Woman Haters Chamay0. You go girl. Back to whatever you are doing other than blogging. May as well just blame global warming on the Republicans. You sought to “remind those who have minds”, mission accomplished. You reminded me that bloggers should never let the little things stop them, like facts.
  • John Taplin wants to stop freedom of the press..attacks Drudge Report Pretty funny when they turn on themselves. John is not happy that the media has not taken the right, err I mean left, side of the argument. How dare Drudge actually print the truth, and ABC too. Preposterous! Someone just got left off John’s Christmas Card list. (p.s. Oprah sucks)
  • Barak Obama most articulate man of our time Well no. He is not. Clinton was pretty good. I like Kennedy. But most articulate would have to go to ole’ Adolph Hitler. The too was a good speaker, eloquent, and lacked the experience to lead. Ask the Germans how that one turned out for them. Is Bon Jovi the next Wagner?
  • Fox New’s Lies, trust me I’m neutral (vote for Obama) You are about as neutral as my left nut. Beware anyone dumb enough to claim neutrality while picking a side. If more news outlets were giving equal treatment to the issues, you may actually hear about Weather Underground. Sorry, but I ain’t drinkin that Cool-aid. Take exception to me calling you dumb. It is your right….to be dumb.

These opinions of the “More f’d Up Than A Football-Bat” crowd are great. Not really great reads. Great because it would drive college professors mad that any knuckle draggin, mouth breather can put their backwater, uneducated views out as the truth. I always hated the “Humanities” teachers. This kind of stuff may make them obsolete.

Blogs are like a blind man piloting a battleship. They shoot wildly with no direction, and care little about the consequences that it may have. This is no attack on the blind. they are smart enough to know their limits. Bloggers and Obama could learn a lesson or two from them.



~ by gotea on September 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Weekend Round-Up: Knuckle Dragin’, Mouth Breathers of the Blogsphere”

  1. After reading your post I must admit you are one big prick. Do you even have a real life or do you spend your time trolling for people you can insult (probably without getting to know the people)?

  2. I’m still waiting for you to find your voice to say anything. Is this all you do? Troll? You have no opinion but to tell people who not to read? But if the professors are insulted then they must be tired of your trash. Do you live at home, perhaps in your parents basement where you believe you have a superior intellect? Then if such is the case, go back to school. Your post is no more than a hit list of people you don’t seem to know about. I read your post then went to the links and the fact that what you were saying did not even come close to depicting who those authors were made me think you were lazy. Is that it? You read a post from here or there and put your spin on it with out research? I thought your post would be one that I would enjoy. Then I found out you were a liar. How pathetic. Are you a people hater or was this suppose to be about hating democrats? Either write the truth and stop the trolling or find your own voice and say what you are feeling. I can have no respect for you just link to sites that don’t even make sense to what you are calling the authors. Loser.

  3. Day late and a dollar short on this one darlin. Coming to a blog and insulting a persons intelligence is a petty move. I assure you that the posts linked were by people who would be better off preaching to folks like yourself. Problem here is the people I pointed out we along your limited line of thinking. They were mostly morons at the time. You? Well yours seems to be a current condition. Please browse more. I am sure there is more here that will irritate you. Enjoy.

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