How Do You Get a One Arm Hippy Out of a Tree?

Throw them a peace sign of course. Many of us have taken notice of the recent rise of people searching for their roots. Berkley, Ca protesters have taken it a step further, and returned to the trees. Protesting the removal of over 40 trees to make way for Memorial Stadium, these throw back tree-huggers are on their way down.

I personally like living in green spaces. Nashville doesn’t have enough trees. It lacked a good city planner like Frederic Law Olmtead, who built the park areas in Manhattan, Chicago, and my home town of Louisville. It just makes life more tolerable in the city to have a good green area. I get the point of these protesters. The problem is there is probably more than enough green in California already. Deforestation in the US was turned around in the early 20th century. Our great-grandparents cut down the old growth trees in a wild fashion. Efforts by the logging industry have been successful in replanting the areas left bare by logging in the USA. We now have more trees than we had in the 1920’s. The tree-huggers and I disagree on this part, probably.

Want to get to the root of the problem UC Berkley? Go sit in an Amazon rainforest. Now that is a place where they are not replanting. They clear cut, slash and burn, and bulldoze their natural resources to make way for grazing land for cattle. The environmental damage is in two major areas. The smoke pumped into our atmosphere, and the loss of o2 producing tree. I actually own 3 acres of rainforest. I bought it when I was 17 thru a different effort to save the trees. It made sense to me then. It makes sense to me now.

Qui Bono: In this case, we can’t say they are saving “The” environment. They our saving “Their” environment. The one they sit in on a daily basis. I may do the same. When you protest, don’t try and link it to global deforestation. It subverts the truth of your cause. Now if you argue that less trees in an urban area cause a rise in temperature in the surrounding areas, you may have a better argument. Ask the people of Atlanta on a hot August day. That place is hot as hell, with no trees to cool the city off.

In closing, it looks like you lost your local wooded area. You can do some good by focusing your efforts on the Amazon. Plant 40 new trees around the city of Berkley to make up for the ones lost. You could take a page out the University of Georgia student playbook, and give the trees ownership rights over themselves. Athens, Georgia is a great place to spend time. I always visit the “Tree that owns itself”.

I think tree hugging is dumb. You spent 21 months in a tree, trying to save 1.5 acres of land. I saved 3 acres of rainforest sitting in a high school classroom. You have gotten a university to give 6 million dollars to Native American and Environmentalist groups. Sounds like you took away a lot of education dollars, and did more damage than good.  Sitting in a tree is no way to fight the system. Your cause is not lost. Good luck in finding a way to positively effect the world, but don’t make yourself look like a wacko hippy when you do it. It hurts your cause with people like me. Climb a tree in a 3 piece suit. People will listen more.

“The college idealists who fill the ranks of the environmental movement seem willing to do absolutely anything to save the biosphere, except take science courses and learn something about it.”

P.J. O’Rourke



~ by gotea on September 9, 2008.

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