Satan: Special Place Reserved For 9/11 Consipracy Theory Believers

Are you right? Are you sure?

There are a lot of evils in the world. Today Cranial Rectal Research takes on the wackos. Yes you are wackos. I can find no greater source of Cranial Rectal Disease than the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Yes you are being lied to. Not by your government, but by the tripe that is being vomited out by anyone who denies that Muslim Extremists, hijacked commercial airliners and attacked innocent civilian targets. Lets go over the key flaws of your arguments.

  • Controlled Demolition: To detonate building of that size you would need months to blast away walls and get to foundations. There would be miles and miles of detonation cord laying around for all the world to see during that time. Would you sit in a cubicle and not wonder what all the electrical cord was for? To this date, not detonation cord, or explosives have been found. By anyone. You still believe this lie.
  • The Windows Were Being Blown But by Explosive Blasts: Buildings are pressurized. When you push down on a column of air it goes somewhere. It went out windows. If you don’t believe me. Go step on a balloon. The air will make a hole for itself then too. If this is beyond you, find a kindergartner to do it for you.
  • Steel Melts at a Higher Temperature: You are absolutely correct. The problem is you don’t need to melt steel to make it fail. The heat was sufficient to weaken the steel in the towers enough that it could not hold the weight of the floors above. This theory is full of crap also. It ignores science. reality is, if my leg were at only half strength, it would break under my weight when I stand up. Common sense.
  • Flight 93 was shot down: The truth is it would have been shot own. The permission to do so was given. The problem with this theory is that is that by the time Dick Cheney gave the clearance to down the plane, it was already taken down by an act of bravery.
  • Building 7: Building 7 had a huge chunk taken out of it by the fall of the neighboring towers. Fires were started and fueled by tanks of diesel gasoline present in the building meant to supply backup generators. These fires were left to burn for 8 hours as firefighters were pulled out to save more lives from being lost. The weakening of the structure caused the collapse.
  • There is no footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon: True. There are, however, many eye witnesses. Footage of pieces of the aircraft laying in the lawn of the Pentagon is also easily available. yet another lie from you left wing idiots.

These are just a few of the things sited by the idiot film makers claiming that it was a government planned attack. I personally don’t care if you like or hate the United States. The fact is that to plan this you need a massive amount of people to do it. Every one of those people would have to be silent to this day still. Washington leaks like a sieve. Do you actually believe that there are that many evil people available in the world to coordinate this event? If so go put a gun to your head, and save us your rantings. Satan has a special place reserved for you in hell.

(If you still think you are correct. Read both sides of the argument. Debunking You)

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn’t exist.”

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~ by gotea on September 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Satan: Special Place Reserved For 9/11 Consipracy Theory Believers”

  1. You’re either brainwashed or brain dead. How can you honestly believe the tripe you peddle. You’re a disinfo agent, aren’t you? C’mon, admit it.

  2. Sorry darlin, but my tripe is called truth. I was never dumb enough to fall for bullshit with an agenda, or a movie to push…..Oh sorry just to add checked out your Blog, you got more issues than National Geographic. Please seek help before you harm an idiot with your banter. Any of my readers, please visit this site, If you doubt my assessment.

  3. You are obviously a republican, and worse, a republican fool who believes everything the government says. You are one sorry pile of shit for brains.

    • You obviously cannot read. Name calling is reserved for those with little to say of merit or substance. Thanks for playing. You need mental help. Shouldn’t you be protesting Globalization or attending a Phish concert?

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