Organic, Genetically Modified Food, and Super Coffee: Logical Questions

For the last week I have been drinking organic, coffee that is. I must say the coffee sucks. Not because it is organic, it is just a bad roast. It got me thinking this morning about the effects of both Organic Farming and Genetically Modified Food. The prospect of “super” coffee is all too tempting for me.

Let’s face facts here. Organic food costs too much. I got my coffee on sale. I personally like the idea of less pollutants in my food and my environment. I may buy more organic if the price was closer to that of non-organic food.

Then I turn to the Genetically Modified Food, I am not too sure about how I feel about it. On one hand, the Europeans hate it. Round 1: GM food. On the other hand modifying food to be resistant to antibiotics or have other non natural effects leaves me skeptical. I grew up in a rural area, I prefer my food out of the garden if possible.

The problem with both of the foods is the people that love and hate them. Their motives are good, I am sure, but people like me don’t like their food shoved down their throat. You have Green’s crying for organic food, not because it is healthy, but because it will save the environment. I find that argument flawed. Natural or Unnatural, fertilizer or pesticide are still pesticide. They still have runoff into local streams. More “poo” in streams and groundwater lead to disease. There may be little difference in the effect on the environment. My last experiment with organic food was growing tomatoes and peppers in my backyard. To prep my garden it took a lot of organic material. More material equals more waste logically. That leave me concerned about doing it on a massive scale. Another detractor for me if I were to be “Green” is the footprint. You have less crop yield so you need more acres to farm it. Screaming save the trees and eat organic seem to be at odds here. My decision is to try and produce my organics by myself, and try and buy the rest at a discount. I am cheap.

I will admit I have very little knowledge about GM food. I like my “snozberries” to taste like “snozberries”. My guess is that they are getting a bad rap here. I am all for oversight of what you are actually doing to my food, and the harm it may have on people(or me). I don’t see anything wrong with making a food that does not require as much pesticide. If that works, I say good job. Let’s face it there are alot of hungry people out there, the more food we have the better chance for them to eat. GM food leaves me undecided. I would think given more time and research it should be something that the “Green’s” would actually get behind. That is logical.

In closing, my coffee tastes like crap, but not because it is organic. I would logically pursue both organic and GM food and hope to use them in concert. Less land and higher yield cannot be a bad thing if done organically. In my opinion, it is killing 2 birds with the same grain of rice. Until then, I will search for a good deal on organics, and plant the rest in my backyard. Genetically Modified Food may be a great thing, but more research is needed for me to be sold. One thing is for certain, an open mind must be kept on both sources by our eco-friendly crews out there. More food and less damage is the way to go, logically.

(P.S. Please send me any info you have on Super Coffee!)



~ by gotea on September 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Organic, Genetically Modified Food, and Super Coffee: Logical Questions”

  1. You are spot on with this post! Organic coffee can be really good if it’s done right. Here’s a tip that may help you enjoy it more: grind or have it ground to espresso grind. A coffee press will help you get the most flavor out of it too. I’d personally rather see money spent in promoting organics than in GM foods. Let’s not throw good money after bad. Organics certainly need to be more widely available too. Supply and demand dictates price.


  2. Thanks for the suggestions. while I agree that throwing money away is probably bad, they are going to do it anyway. So i hope that they can get some good out of it. i.e. more supply.

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  4. I am not surprısıng to anything. But thanks..

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