Bad Mojo: Venezuela and Bolivia at Crossroads..WWOD(What Would Obama Do?)

The legend of Robert Johnson, blues great, tells of a trip to the crossroads. There he allegedly sold his soul to the devil. Venezuela and Bolivia are at the same crossroads today. Who knew countries could do it wholesale?

South America, how we ignore you, to our peril. Your immigrants cross our borders freely every day. They are searching for a better life. I can’t blame them. While I am anti-illegal, sanctuary for those driven form their homes by despots has always been a good reason to let people stay. Chavez and Morales are two peas in a socialist pod. Nowhere in the world is the old style socialist style more prevalent. Both countries have begun wealth redistribution, nationalized major money making industries, and suppressed the will of the people. The people now have a fight on their hands. It is partly their fault. The United States has an obligation to help. Communism on our side of the pond should not be tolerated.

  • Bolivia:We have abandoned the Truman Doctrine when it comes to South America. The Iran/Contra affair was a giant story of the Regan Era. Ignoring the Iran part is hard to do, but necessary. It taught us a lesson, do it right this time please. The people of Bolivia are splitting themselves in two. On one side sits the native Indian tribes of which Morales is a part. Occupying the other side are the wealthy and hard working people who have worked to bring prosperity to Bolivia.  We are seeing the same kind of story play out on our side of the world that is better served in Africa. South America is not Africa, and we cannot let it be. Stability in the region is the highest concern for the people of the USA. The cold assessment is that those who have not worked for it, that in times past would have been happy living in the mountains and farming, want a piece of the westernized loot gained through hard labor. I am not making light of the needs of the Indians, but Morales is surely not looking out for the will of his entire country and holds his tribal nationality higher that that of Bolivia. If this were the 60’s the CIA would have a bullet in his head by now.
  • Venezuela: Chavez is Castro reborn, without the athletic ability to play for the Yankees. He too should have already had a bullet in his head. Pussyfooting around this guy is inviting disaster. His damage is already far reaching. Chavez has nationalized any industry that would allow him to further his goals. He has made friend with the snakes, and should share their fate. We have already seen him attempt to “do a Putin” and become president for life. Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely. The people know this, and are now sitting in a Marxist nightmare where even the Simpson’s are banned from TV. These people need the USA too.
  • Brazil and Argentina: You have responsibilities. The anti-American sentiment is prevalent in both of your countries. Make no mistake that the socialist want your two countries the most. The benefits of resorting to the tactics of your neighbors are a knife at your throat. It is your responsibility and duty to tend your own backyard here. US intervention would only embolden the socialist, and give then the “See I told you” they are looking for. Refugees will be a side effect, and the camps will be in your countries. You need to do something.

So here we stand at the crossroads, Two leaders making deals with the devil. This is the most important focus for the incoming President. How the new spread of communism in South America is handled is likely to define the next 4 years in office. This is our backyard. It is time for the cat to bury the turd in the sandbox, before is stinks up the whole place. Give me a plane ticket, a clear shot and a gun. This can all be avoided.


~ by gotea on September 12, 2008.

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