ABC and Media Blowing it for Obama..Keep Up the Good Work..and Other News

Maybe you watched it. Charlie Gibson screwed the pooch. Looks like I may actually be more impartial than the main stream media. That is crazy. A few notes for ABC.

  1. Don’t do a soft interview with Obama, where he claims to be a Muslim and let him go. That is the kind of stuff “real” reporters go for. Correcting a man that was raised in a Wahhabi school as a Muslim, with a Muslim name, when he says he is a Muslim. (Nothing wrong with being a Muslim. Everything wrong about lying about it. Peter denied Jesus and was forgiven.) That is just plain stupid. There is a difference between reporting and editorializing. Get thee back to college. You make Chavez look fair and balanced.
  2. Go ahead and do a hard interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. She can take it. However, do not edit her comments and badger her to continue an agenda. News should have no agenda. Save that crap for Russian state media.
  3. “We the people” are sick of it. We want to know where candidates stand. You are providing nothing in the way of honest discussion. We want issues. It is September. I still have no clue what change means to Barak “Barry” Obama.

Cranial Rectal Rictor Scale of Severity: 8.9

ABC and the main stream media are sinking Obama, and I for one am thankful. It is not like you are going to do a piece on his ties to domestic terrorist or anything of substance. Keep up the good work.

Side notes and updates……….

  • I track my hits on my site. It is really interesting who looks at your web pages. I say and advocate a lot of things. I stand by all of them. I suggest someone kill Morales and Chavez, and that I would do it given the chance, and the snoopers pop out. Guess who. We have people from the Australian Govt…and one good hit from Venezuela. (Something tells me I won’t be getting any more from there) Let me say it again. I have zero problem with offing these guys and wish that the CIA would do it. Unfortunately I have to work. So find someone else. I think they call it a “coup”. As for the Aussies, it is time for you to remember you have a pair, and stop all the liberal whining over there. You have more in common with the USA than anyone, including Canada. Start acting like it for god’s sake.
  • Chavez is offering military help for Bolivia if Morales is deposed. The Bolivian Military has said no thanks, don’t cross the border Hugo. If he does. Santa Cruz and La Paz would welcome a visit from the US Marines. Chavez must be dealt with that is for sure. Morales needs to call an election and get out in an orderly fashion or this is going to get really messy. My opinion. I am rarely wrong on these kind of things.
  • Russian Bombers in Venezuela carrying test bombs. I assume they meant fake ones. he needs to pick up a phone and call ole’ Fidel(If the old vegetable can still use it). Ask what happened last time they tried plopping Russian nukes on our side of the pond. I can see Putin now, banging his shoe at the UN. P.S. Have fun flying around the gulf with Ike, and I don’t mean Eisenhower.
  • Bush ok’s attacks inside Pakistan. Well hell yeah, about time. First off, Pakistan doesn’t have any control over those regions. So like they can do anything about it. Second if Al Qaeda are hiding near you…(looking in tribal directions) I suggest putting your kids elsewhere. If you are a bad dude..(looking in Taliban and Al Qaeda direction) either rethink your plan or send the wife and kids to stay with grandma. You shouldn’t be screaming Muslims are peaceful and harboring terrorist at the same time. It makes you look full of shit. ( who am I writing this part for?..if you are using an probably don’t have internet anyway)



~ by gotea on September 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “ABC and Media Blowing it for Obama..Keep Up the Good Work..and Other News”

  1. Check your facts about Obama’s religion. Just because he has a ‘funny’ name that you, as an American, are not used to does not mean he is a Muslim or a lesser being than you. Do everyone a favor and read the information on thee two sites:

  2. So, do you think we control the world? Get real we are part of the picture not the frame…Muslin, Christian, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and so forth live in this world and the Christian crap aint gonna make it anymore…Swallow that and dance with the snakes.

  3. First off yes we are the closest to in control as they come. It is not like we haven’t knocked off a South American dictator before. Second, the Muslim comment came from his own mouth during an ABC interview and is widely available. This article is a slam on media bias, not Muslims. Linking fact checks is just pretty damn silly.

  4. And BTW..please check out the links on the blogroll..they include Muslim and Jewish sites. They are very good. As for the “Christian Crap” not making it anymore. I would disagree. He died for your sins, there is a God, and you ain’t him.

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