Whoopie: Slave Remark Draws No Criticism…Why?

Maybe she was having a flashback to her “A Color Purple” days. Too much Oprah in the news probably. “Should she be afraid of being a slave anymore?”

While I got the point of the remark, it was still low ball racist. Yes racist. Why you may ask. Just the mention of the word slave, and America will cringe. Her remark had no merit. It wasn’t what she was talking about, it was the fact she jumped on the chance to scare people. This is a backward thought if you ever said one. If I hadn’t seen the View’s liberal left wing attack on Sen. John McCain I would have made one conclusion from the quote. McCain is a racist. Some in the Black Community are all to willing to play the race card to serve their own ends. Rev. Wright has showed us that, Ms. Obama hints at it. Is this change or reversion? Whoopie, Oprah, nor Rev. Wright have ever been slaves. Their parents and grandparents were never slaves. They are all millionaires. One thing is for certain, scaring Black voters has been done since the 16th amendment was written. The culprits are all too often Black people themselves. The victims are all those who believe in the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. You remember the whole “judged not by the color of their skin” thing?

I am personally sick of it. The bully pulpit can be used in many ways. This time you are using it against those you represent. Oprah and Whoopie are looked up to as sucsessful Black Americans. That carries responsibilities. You should be ashamed.


~ by gotea on September 14, 2008.

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