Lindsay Lohan Officially “Not Gay…and Not Getting Married”

Lindsey Lohan is getting married. Well not in the biblical sense, or the legal sense, but in an Anne Heche sense. Let us face it, Samantha Ronson looks like a dude. Lindsay likes people who look like dudes, Lindsay is still straight.

I read somewhere gay was the new “black” this season in Hollywood. Switching teams has never been so chic. This kind of thing should really anger the gay community. Yet another straight woman lured into the “Lesbian Fly Trap”. (Cue flannel covered hate male(lol) in 3..2….1…).

Can we have a talk here girls, err Hollywood. Last time I checked people were gay because they were attracted to the same sex. It is a hard choice (for the sincere not a choice) that can cause a lot of personal difficulty if not surrounded by tolerance and understanding. I have quite a few gay friends. They are good people who have the same goal as everyone, find love and comfort in a cold hard world. Everyone should have that chance, straight or gay. The world can be rough without someone to share the ups and downs with you. As a straight man (bartender) I see a disconnect, or a flaw. Gay men don’t recruit. You don’t see guys flip flop back and forth because their last girlfriend treated them badly.

My blog audience just split. Every gay man just agreed with me, and every lesbian got pissed off. Why? Because I am right. (Few will have the stones to comment in agreement on this one.)This post is not a gay bashing post. It is me bashing people like Lohan and the “trendy lesbian”. Lipstick lesbians don’t exist. They should, because if you are attracted to the same sex you should look like your own sex. Don’t try and tell me you like girls when your “partner” looks like a lumberjack with a flat top. Lohan’s chic looks like a dude. Plain and simple. It just takes a quick trip to Switzerland to make your inny an outty, and Lindsay is back to dating dudes.

I could go further in depth, but why. It is time for the lesbian community to get with the program, and throw out the posers. This may help with the ever present divide between gay men and gay women. Gay is not a fashion choice. Treating it as such, destroys credibility.  Let’s see GLAD tackle that one. I just did it for free.

“Sometimes your feel like a nut, some times you don’t”



~ by gotea on September 15, 2008.

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