New Orleans to Galveston: Whine Louder!

Galveston could learn something from New Orleans. Hurricane Ike has hit the coast near Galveston hard. For some reason the story has been pushed to page 2 of almost every news source. Are we jaded? Does Texas matter less than Louisiana? It is all about self promotion.

Texas, you don’t whine enough. Maybe it is the fact that the pictures coming to us from the news are of white people. Yeah, I said it. Maybe you need a rap star like Kanye West to pick up the marketing. One thing is for sure, Galveston is really messed up. It needs federal funds and emergency assistance to lessen the effect on the US economy and the People of the “Forgotten Gulf”.

Maybe it is the Texas spirit that is hurting your cause. The “do it yourself” mentality of the great people of Texas may be hurting themselves. I am entirely confident of the people of Texas. They will put their boots on, pick up shovel and hammer, and fix what needs fixin’. That is Texas. One thing is for certain, you aren’t getting the coverage that the evacuation of New Orleans received just 2 weeks ago. That is a tragedy. Maybe there is no political red meat for the liberal media to gnash their teeth on? For whatever reason your cause needs better promotion. Give it 2 days, and the displaced Katrina “victims” will have the whole world believing the ghettos in Houston are the #1 priority. They smell a check. They did it to Mississippi already. They good at dis. ( Yeah, I said it. Again.)

I’ll offer this to the people of Texas. From this Kentuckian living in Nashville, just send word, and we will be down to pitch in. The good people of Texas deserve our help, and better promotion. The people of Kentucky and Tennessee have your back, as always. God Bless Texas.

Texas Plate

~ by gotea on September 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “New Orleans to Galveston: Whine Louder!”

  1. I’m from southeast Texas. However, I currently attend school in central Texas. I have family in Southeast Texas and Galveston. You are absolutely right about how people are not paying very much attention to the situation even though it is HORRIBLE!! I just read a blog before coming to yours. A black woman in SEATTLE saying that the black people in Houston were being treated unfairly in this. No offense to Houston, but Galveston and parts of Southeast Texas got hit A LOT harder than Houston did. AND the last thing that people need is someone who isn’t even from here taking hearsay and turning it into some kind of race related CRAP! However, like you said, Texans are tough and we’ll make it through this. I’m sure we won’t get a WHOLE LOT less publicity! And to a lot of people, it’s not about who was effected the most by this, but the people who feel sorry for themselves that make a big deal out it. Three years ago, when Hurricane Rita hit Southeast Texas, people acted like it was nothing because hurricane katrina had just happened. My town was almost completely destroyed. The only differnce is we grew up, cleaned it up, and decided to WORK to rebuild our lives.

    I’m done ranting. Sorry. I want you to know that I appreciate your blog and your point of view on this issue. A lof of people are too scared to say it..

    God bless you!

  2. ***I’m sure we will get a WHOLE LOT LESS publicity. (typo)

  3. Thanks for the input from the front lines. I just call it like I see it. Good luck down there, and take care.

  4. Well, at least you admit you are a racist. LOL!

  5. Thank you New Orleans! If asking for equal treatment and coverage of NOLA and Galveston is racist, You got me. Honestly, using the word racist is for people of limited intelligence. I guess I hit a little too close to home for you. Now judging from your previous statements about New Orleans(claiming to be a resident of Pass Christian, MS) When in reality you are a dentist in Hammond LA, and a native of New Orleans. I can see you were adversely effected by the destruction of NOLA. I find it hard to fathom that you would deny the people of Galveston the same complaints you have made publicly. Scope of the destuction
    By Dr. Jolie Harris
    …and No I see no merit in rebuilding the nanny state of New Orleans. Poor form to throw around the word racist for a doctor. Sad.

    P.S. I would suggest against doing fly by race baiting on my site.

  6. LOL! I spent the first thirty 30 of my life in New Orleans, born and raised. I will ALWAYS be a New Orleanian. Do you know where Hammond is? It is on the Northshore of Lake Ponchatrain. It is a commuter community to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. You don’t bother me about posting my name and location. (Though I think it is unethical; but if you are a racist, what does ethics mean?) I think you and other Texans that try to make yourself feel better by degrading other Americans does NOTHING but make yourselves look small. I have nothing but empathy for the people affected by Gustav and Ike, in LA and Texas. As you have said, I have seen it first hand. Now, stop YOUR whining and go help them in a way that truly helps. Donate, go gut out houses, volunteer your services. I have done all of these. Try it. You may find it will make you a better, more compassionate human being.

  7. I see, race baiting is how you show empathy. Your name is out there for all to find, as was your public whining. I haven’t whined one time, I have pointed out the inequity in a system that seems to be publicly broadcasting one more than another because of race. Again, racist is a word used by the uneducated. I dislike all the morons in New Orleans that bilked the government out of aid no matter their race. What did I expect. It is Louisiana. people down there have been waiting for government handouts for years. I and many others take strong exception to the idea that rebuilding your “projects” below sea level is where MY tax dollars should go. Build your house on a rock, not the sand.

  8. Then you should certainly know that it’s spelled PONTCHARTRAIN.

    Fucking cry louder New Orleans, the hard-working people in Iowa who lost their whole lives can’t hear you over the sounds of rebuilding. I’m sick of these fucking Katrinas filling up my state. GO HOME. TEXAS DOESN’T WANT YOU!

    That’s it. That’s all I’m going to say.

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