Question of the Day: Are You a Nutjob? Top 10 Signs.

Some of us hide it well. Some don’t even try. I am left wondering if anyone else spins thru the blogsphere with the same amazed look I exibit every day. I hope so. Maybe I can devise a test? Maybe a checklist

Top 10 Signs You Are a Nutjob

  1. Have you ever referred to “The Man” in your blog, referring to the evil force trying to keep you down.
  2. Can you use the word McSame in a sentence? Are you angry when spell check tries to correct it?
  3. To prove a theory, do you link other theory sites as facts?
  4. Do you hate the Patriot Act, even though it has never directly effected anything you have ever done?
  5. Do you show up to peace rally’s in camouflage, but would run to Canada at the first sign of the draft?
  6. You think that De Tocqueville is a coffee shop in Amsterdam.
  7. Do you look to Hollywood celebrities for guidance on major world affairs?
  8. Do you think Greek columns symbolize change, even though they are readily available anywhere in Washington DC?
  9. Do you wish Bill O’Reilly would go on the View just once so that Barbara “Wawa” could set him straight?
  10. Did any question 1-9 piss you off enough to blog about it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions. I would suggest a little less broadcasting,  and alot more tuning in.



~ by gotea on September 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Question of the Day: Are You a Nutjob? Top 10 Signs.”

  1. 1. nope.
    2. never.
    3. yes i have. 😦
    4. neh…not really.
    5. all the time……NAWT.
    6. it’s not?
    7. always
    8. neh.
    9. not really.
    10. yup. blogging on right now.


  2. Thanks for outing yourself.

  3. P.S. You got to love the people of California.

  4. Love it!!! I snagged it for my blog, of course giving YOU credit and linking to your website.

  5. eh..the last 2 could have been better. I still like the On America reference none of the kiddies get.

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