Barak Obama: “Helped Invent the BCS”..Not a Fan of the SEC or Big 12?

Think Obama has done nothing in the way of setting policy? Republicans claim that he has no experience, and always votes the party line. Not so. Barak Obama may have been a behind the scenes force in making the Bowl Championship Series.

While many on both sides will claim Barak has no part in college football, an aid for Barak Obama claimed “He is not only a supporter, but one of the architects of the BCS.” This writer doesn’t believe it, but there were clues along the way. Last night, he was in USC territory holding a gala fundraiser with Barbra Streisand as the headliner. USC, who annually plays nobody but a weak PAC 10 schedule and the customary match-up with BCS darling Ohio St, is located less than 20 miles away. Coincidence? Ohio is a battleground state, and leans strongly in favor of the Buckeyes. Securing votes in CA and OH can only help his cause. The “red state” conferences of the SEC and Big 12 are often victims of a system that sees them playing infinitely more difficult schedules. If true, Barak Obama is no friend of the people of the SEC and Big 12 conference.

Barak Obama has not publicly addressed where he stands on he BCS. No response out of the Obama camp on his supposed staffers remarks. One thing is certain, he needs to make a statement now, or face losing the South and Midwest United States to McCain.


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~ by gotea on September 17, 2008.

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