Poking the Hornets Nest: Terrorist in a Frenzy

Recent cross border actions in Pakistan seem to be having an effect. While Pakistan claims to be actively searching for terrorist on their own soil, recent strikes by US ground forces have had an interesting effect. Today’s attack on the US Embassy in Yemen, may be a sign.

No longer can the leaders of Al Qaeda and the Taliban feel safe running across the border to Pakistan. It is apparent from public opinion polls in Pakistan, that they are not seen as terrorist by the people there. For 8 years, they have given safe harbor to the fleeing forces of the Taliban. Do they feel safe now? Pakistan has relatively no control of the tribal regions of North and South Waziristan. The government feared a Muslim backlash against the previous administration. Due to the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan they were handled with care by the world community. Now that there is a regime change in Pakistan, all bets may be off. No longer is “robbing Peter to pay Paul” acceptable. Taking US aid and simultaneously harboring terrorist may be at an end. I say 8 years too late. Pakistan played the post 9/11 card well by avoiding the “axis of evil” definition it deserved.

I would also question the timing of the events. Intelligence on terrorist activities in the tribal regions seems to be good enough to act on. Every time I see a report of 15 dead civilians in Pakistan, I must wonder if the world expects them to look like regular army. They aren’t wearing fatigues. They will look like dead civilians. Collateral damage is going to happen, and could have been avoided by a strong stand by the Pakistanis. They have only themselves to blame for the necessity of US incursions into their “sovereign” but uncontrolled regions. if Pakistan will not clean up its backyard, I have no problem with the coalition forces doing it for them.

Recent comments about Pakistan defending its sovereignty with force against US incursion are a sign we are angering the right people. It will either spur them to action, or out them as partners and protectors of the worlds worst citizens. The attack on the US Embassy today may be the buzzing of agitated hornets. I say good work.


~ by gotea on September 17, 2008.

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