Truth Behind Troopergate: Taser a 10 Year Old Kid Lately?

Sorry to burst the left wing bubble, but I would have done more than just get this trooper fired. Not reported in US News, although publicly available, Trooper Mike Wooten tasered his 10 year old stepson, Palin’s nephew! Let me get one thing clear, cop or not, you taser a 10 year old near me your gonna get a beat down. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior. People die every year from the “harmless” taser.

See the left don’t want you to hear that this guy is a complete toolboy. They argue this troopers personal baggage and CHILD ABUSE was not the reason for the verve the Gov. pursued his dismissal. Add to that, threats to Palin’s own family, and even a left-wing-nutjob would do exactly the same.

Bring that kind of action down to Tenn. or my native Kentucky “Trooper”, and a regular citizen will make sure you don’t ABUSE a child too. You got off easy schmuck.


~ by gotea on September 19, 2008.

9 Responses to “Truth Behind Troopergate: Taser a 10 Year Old Kid Lately?”

  1. The question is not about the trooper. The question is if Sarah Palin strong armed the system, to get her brother-in-law fired. Did she give Walt Monegan his walking papers, for not adhering to her wishes. This is what is being investigated. Certainly the trooper leaves a lot to be desired. But you can not use your authority to b3enefit your own concerns. This is the issue. I am sorry to burst your bubble. The mere fact, McCain and his camp is terrorizing the people of Alaska ,is unacceptable. It smells, you can not spin that. Palin has told several different versions of why she fired Monegan. The latest has been discredited by ABC. She said Monegan traveled and asked for Money on behalf of rape victims, and she was against that, however documents have surfaced, showing it was approved. Something is not good folks. If I was innocent, I would welcome this investigation, as Ms. Palin said she would, until Mcain and his goons came on the scene. They are in Alaska wreaking havoc on the citizens. But remember above all else, COUNTRY FIRST, MY FRIENDS.

  2. I see Denile isn’t just a river in Egypt. Your points are, pointless. The only reason there is this amount of scrutiny is the team of Demoncrats that were set to Alaska. Palin called for the review board. I assure you after Obama loses those same domoncrats will be taking his loss to the supreme court. bad losers are, well, bad losers. Don’t believe the hype, and don’t ever come on my site siting ABC as a source. Ii is better to peddle tripe where it belongs, on left wing blogs. Good luck, with whatever it is Democrats do when I am working.

  3. Frankly, if a governer requests that a trooper be dismissed for tazoring a 10 year old and/or making threats…to anyone…then so be it. The Governor was right.

  4. The taser: Wooten admitted to using a taser on his eleven year old stepson, at the stepsons request. The stepson wanted to see how it felt. According to the stepson, it was no big deal, although it left a welt on his skin. Palin’s oldest daughter, Bristol, witnessed the event, and evidently related it to Palin. In any event, voluntary or not, using the taser on a child certainly violated department policy, and was a shocking lack of judgement on Wooten’s part.

  5. Actually the kid wanted to be tasered to show he wasn’t a momma’s boy. It wasn’t like the trooper tasered him to punish or subdue him. Kinda reckless but not exactly how it sounds. This certainly is not grounds for assuming he is treatening.

  6. People die from tasers. End of story.

  7. Before anyone gets too carried away on the taser incident, read the CNN report. Yes, it was a stupid idea, but he didn’t attack the kid as part of a vendetta.

    ” He said that he was a new Taser instructor, and his stepson was asking him about the equipment. “I didn’t shoot him with live, you know, actual live cartridge,” Wooten said.

    Instead, he said, he hooked his stepson up to a training aid “with little clips. And, you know, the Taser was activated for less than a second, which would be less than what you would get if you touched an electric fence. … It was as safe as I could possibly make it.”

    He said his stepson was on the living room floor surrounded by pillows, that he “was bragging about it,” and that the family laughed about it.

    Asked whether it was a dumb decision, Wooten told CNN, “absolutely.”

    The 2006 report called the incident an example of “extremely poor judgment,” and noted that he has been trained in “the risks associated with use of the weapon on a child.””

  8. Fillin…Carried away? Tasers kill. End of story. Grown adults are supposed to keep kids from doing dangerous things not facilitate. There is 0 excuse for endangering a childs life. There is no reason to use a “Weapon” on a child. Ever.

  9. You know good and well that if she had not called for his dismissal, then the army of left-wing journalists trying to dig up any little bit of information in Alaska that can be used against her would have twisted this the other way, saying that a child-abusing trooper should have been fired but used his sister-in-law’s position to keep his job. It’s sickening.

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