American Imperialism: End Pax Americana Now!

Empire building has always been what Americans were about. As a people, nothing dominates our thoughts more than far off places around the globe to conquer.

The Pax Romana lasted 200 years. You can draw parallels between the Romans and Americans. The Romans conquered and killed to expand their empire. They then allowed the conquered people to self govern while imposing taxes and conscripting military service. While occupying, they built aqueducts, ports, roads, and amphitheaters.

This American wants to know when the tax part will be enacted. What about the military conscription? Our economy and military both need a boost. It is high time we start acting like the conquerors we are. Unfortunately, the USA has never conquered anyone.

If we wanted it, Patton would have done it for us. He would have rearmed the Nazi’s and driven straight to China. In hindsight, we should have let him. Patton was the right man, in the right place, in the wrong world though. Given the gas and the manpower, the world landscape would look a lot different today. Unfortunately we would still not have the tax or military tributes we need so very much.

The truth is, the world would have been better off letting Patton stamp out Bolshevism and communism. The trillions of dollars spent on the Cold War would have been spent elsewhere. Many forget that Hitler was put in power to stop these forces. Today it is heresy to claim Hitler served a good purpose. Hitler was a stop-gap. Hitler was also a wacko, murderer, and a bastard subverter of the people of Germany (and most of Europe). The world should thank Hitler for being such a murderer. I assure you, those who decry the Pax Americana would never trade it for the Pax Germania.

What if Germany had succeeded? America would still be here. Hitler was never coming for us. Neither was Saddam Hussein, Ho Chi Min, Qaddafi, Manuel Noriega, Mussolini, The Emperor of Japan, or Milosevic. The United States could have never come onto the world stage. We have the resources and space to exist forever without fear of conquest. They are 2 big “ponds”.

Where would the world be today if we just stayed out of it, all of it? What would the world be like if the Americans really were the monsters decried by the leftist and Muslim extremist? Without the Pax Americana, liberty would be in short supply. The idealist of Europe would not be protesting globalization. There would be no Jews, Gypsies, or disabled left to burden Europe. The beauty of the French language would not exist outside of Quebec, nor would the culture of France itself, or Poland, England, Egypt to name a few.

Maybe you are right. We should end the Pax Americana. We should allow tyranny and religious extremism to rule the world. Nuclear proliferation and annihilation would be a great thing.  Global warming would have a whole new meaning. The Big Mac would no longer torment the French. Most of all, Liberty and freedom would not burden you any more.

Americans forgave the war debt of Europe. They only land that has ever been asked for in return ,was just enough to bury our dead. Those who died, not for themselves, but so that the world could enjoy liberty. They died so you could spit in their face, desecrate their graves and sully their memory.

This poor American is still waiting for the spoils of American Imperalism.Go Home


~ by gotea on September 21, 2008.

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