French Vote Against Socialist..Stay in Afghanistan..For The Moment

The French have had all they can stand. They are going to continue fighting in Afghanistan, and may actually send more than 2,600 troops. They may increase it to  a whopping 2,700.

The parliament, which is dominated by the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, voted 343 to 210 in favor of continuing the NATO mission which involves 2,600 French troops. Al Jazeera

While many would call out such a low involvement in the central battlefield on terror, I am entirely surprised the French can muster this kind of support in parliament. Two things stick out. The socialist are still losing to Sarkozy’s party, and France is not doing enough.

Fighting terror is in the best interest of the people of France. Like the British, they have their own homegrown insurgency brewing. The people of Iraq are sick of being the front for the Al Qaeda war against the world. Al Qaeda must search for a new battlefront.  They have already struck London, Paris is a prime target. I have no idea what the true views of the common Frenchman are towards their homegrown problem. We all know how the Dutch are responding. It could be said that aside from England, the rest of Europe has buried their head in the sand for 8 years, and screamed it is Bush’s fault. America can bear the blame, and the burden for European appeasement. This media based anti-Americanism is as much to blame for the state of the US economy, as the ignorant fat cats now advising Barak Obama. It will continue after McCain is put into office. I must ask, when will Europe admit it actually has a problem. It is easy to point and laugh for the economically ignorant. Don’t think that the same issues don’t plague your own credit woes Europe.The same sentiments being spit out about the American economy are prevalent in their own view of world involvement.

A turning point is quickly approaching as Europe decides if it will fight or roll over on the “War on Terror”. So far the burden has been carried by the backs and blood of a few nations children. 2,700 troops is not enough, but it is something at least. The symbolism of the French vote is not lost, the follow through is more important than ever. Another thing to note, you cannot have Peacekeepers when there is no peace.



~ by gotea on September 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “French Vote Against Socialist..Stay in Afghanistan..For The Moment”

  1. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Thank you. I promise, I won’t tell if you don’t

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