Would Biden Join Obama if Asked Today?

Given the current course of the Obama machine, I would venture to say, No. Things don’t look so happy in the Obama/Biden camp. When facing Hillary Clinton the machine ran strait and true. These days it has grown akin to a husband and wife team on the hit show Amazing Race. Squabble.

The Election, so far, has been an “amazing race”. You have had world issues, and economic issues thrust to the forefront on an almost weekly basis. First Russia, then Wall St, and soon to be back to Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and then the European Banks. While each of these issues favor both candidates, Obama’s inexperience is worrying. More worrying than Palin, Dem’s have forgotten she is not running for President. In the face of these challenges, team Obama has lost the focus.

Back to the question at hand. Would Biden join knowing what we know today? I doubt it. Biden has been a faithful supporter of those he represents for many years. He kept his nose clean. While I may not believe in his idea of “Tax and Spend Patriotism”, I do respect the man. Signs are showing he has hitched his wagon to a lame horse with no direction. Obama hides his true meaning of change, Biden is not one to hide. This has provided many sound bite moments for the other side. For a man like Biden, it would be disingenuous to do otherwise. You don’t stay in office this long with a smoke and mirror show. A Biden/Clinton ticket would have a hard time losing this election. Yet again, the Dem’s backed the wrong horse.

This is a close race, not as close as some on the left would want it, but close. Here is hoping for a decisive victory on either side. A close loss by the Obama/Biden ticket would spell disaster for Biden. Gangs of lawyers are at the ready to attack any close vote count. It is the person behind the man who spins his wheels that gets covered with the most mud. Biden has much to lose in the coming months.



~ by gotea on September 23, 2008.

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