White Supremacists Even Dumber Than Obama and Democrats

In the nobody asked for you opinion section today, white supremacist have apparently decided not to back Obama/Biden. I am still waiting for the sexist to come out against McCain/Palin. Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, Fascist, Commies, Socialist, and the like are pretty damn worthless. A note for the kids out there, color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation is not a reason to hate people. That is just plain lazy. Put some effort in finding things you dislike, you will find them provided by people of every race, religion, or political persuasion. While I personally believe stereotypes are given a bad name by people like this group, they are not a good way to chose a President. There are many reasons not to vote for Obama. Being a black man, isn’t even on the list. New Jersey, you are better than this. I think.

P.S. get a job loser



~ by gotea on September 24, 2008.

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