Just Say It. Bill Clinton Doesn’t Think Obama is the Man.

The more I hear from Pres, Bill Clinton, the more I realize how far to the right he is of Obama. I honestly doubt he is going to vote for him either. This must be pretty disconcerting for Obamaniacs. He has helped McCain on the latest debate squabble, and spoke well of Sarah Palin. Why?

Face it, Bill Clinton could actually run as a Republican in this race. McCain and definitely Obama skew left of his policies. Aside from Hilary’s socialized health care, he was pretty good at reaping the benefits of Reaganomics. Clinton has faced McCain and partnered with him in the past. A man of Clinton’s intelligence doesn’t have to see Obama’s policies enacted to dislike them. While many polls claim that Obama is the candidate most trust on the economy, I would disagree. Those people are morons.  This is no time for big government. I think Bill would settle for the same sized Govt actually doing something. While most can point to a few good things Bush has done in office, I am hard pressed to find one good thing Congress has actually done. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Worst legislative branch ever. Rest assured, they will get theirs when the election comes.

So trust your instincts like Bill Clinton. Go with the proven winner in Nov. Vote like your job depends on it conservatives. (Vote like your Playstation depends on it liberals.) Because in times like these, it does. Don’t listen to me listen to Bill Clinton. He doesn’t think Obama is the Man.



~ by gotea on September 25, 2008.

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