The Debate Filibuster and 8 Truths For The USA. (In Other News: USC Got Whooped)

Watch for the political move today. It is coming, the one day filibuster. Is it good for the country. Of course not, but they will do it anyway. Several facts have come to light in the recent days since McCain’s campaign halt.

  1. This should not be the first debate. It should be the 11th. If Obama wanted to get his message out, and clarify his meaning of change, the propose town hall debates with McCain would have been the best place to start. While he claimed he would debate anywhere, anytime. This is simply not the case. That is a Fact.
  2. This debate is not being dodged by McCain because he doesn’t want to debate about the economy. The debate is NOT about the economy. The topic is foreign affairs, and area where McCain will mop the floor with Obama. That is a fact.
  3. Washington is a total mess, top down. From a lame duck Bush, to a Pelosi lead Senate(err congress I mean. Leaving my mistake so liberals can be right about something for once. See leftie comment below), there has never been a more worthless collection of folks residing inside the Beltway. Instead of watching out for the country, they decided it was best to try an censure Sen. Joe Lieberman with their time. Sour apple whine is in season, passing legislation has taken a backseat. There will be hell to pay. That is a fact.
  4. Europe has spent a lot of time this week decrying capitalism. One German finance minister suggested the USA is no longer the economic superpower. Europe is heading into a recession or is already there. The damage to their socialist structure and way of life will soon become unavoidable. Europe has refused to face the fact this is a global issue, and not about a few people on Wall St. Wall St is multinational. All nations will bear the blame and the consequences of their inaction and profiteering. That is a fact.
  5. The Media is a major part in the decline of the world economy. Be it the economy, war in Iraq, election coverage, or the spreading of Anti-American doctrine, they have caused a free fall in the global market. Consistent negativity and promotion of a far left agenda have made any rally or recovery impossible. Failure to truthfully and objectively report current events has done irreparable harm to the world. The world media is soon to change forever. That is a fact.
  6. Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea, Iran, and a host of others are making the world market insolvent. Nationalizing industries that were built on private investments has made the idea of return on global investment a fantasy. Allowing the spread of uncontrolled Marxism is the single biggest threat to the world today outside of radical Islam and eco-terrorism. The constriction of the free flow of natural resources has jeopardized everything from economic recovery to the ability to feed the hungry nations of the world. That is a fact.
  7. The War on Terror is far from over. Represented clearly in last weeks bombing in Islamabad, Muslims have yet to take responsibility for the radicalization and bastardization of what they claim to be a peaceful religion. US policies are not the reason people kill innocents. The people currently being killed are fellow Muslims. Muslims must clean their own backyard or face a slash and burn policy that effects everyone, not just the terrorists. Islam is to blame. That is a fact
  8. The United States of America will be just fine. It is a nice sunny day of 75 degrees in Tennessee. There will be barbecue, beer and football this weekend. People will take walks in the park, mow the grass, and respect those around them. The PAC 10 is a poser, and the SEC is the best conference in football. Neither USC nor Ohio St will be playing for a national championship this year. That is a fact.

All in all, we will be fine over her in America. The world may be in deep poo, but Americans are no stranger to tough times. We are the tired, poor, huddled masses from the world’s shores, and we will be just fine.

~ by gotea on September 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Debate Filibuster and 8 Truths For The USA. (In Other News: USC Got Whooped)”

  1. Some interesting points here, but not all of them are well thought out to their conclusions. And as a side note Pelosi doesn’t lead the Senate, in fact she is not even in it.

  2. You are correct. Not enough coffee and 2 things being melted together. One thing is for sure, when I correct the senate thing, you will still be wrong. I am not here to conclude anything. Thank you for letting me annoy a liberal this morning. I can get ore coffee and edit. You will still be liberal.

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