Anyone Vote In An Online Poll Last Night? Who Won The Debate? Billy Gillispie Did, That’s Who!

If you did you were alone. Looks as if a concerted effort has been made by the Obama supporters to skew the online results.

Let’s check the polls as they stand. Now

Who won the debate?

  • CNN 68% Obama 26% McCain. Looks like he lost 20 point here.
  • MSNBC 78% Obama 17% McCain. Right
  • Fox News 55% Obama 45% McCain..I would believe this if it were on one of the first 2 sites. with Fox’s viewer base ..looks like hyjinx.
  • Drudge Report Has McCain 67% and Obama 31% with over 250,000 voters, bots
  • ESPN 75% University of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball..McCain 10% ( Ok, so it was a fake poll, but look at any poll mentioning anything related to UK basketball, and you will see what the point of my post is. GANDER. See Poll for best coach as example.)

Looks like online users have skewed even the most right wing votes. Even the BBC concluded that McCain won the debate, so time wasted on the liberal superhighway well spent. This is a phenomenon best utilized by the faithful followers of my Kentucky Wildcats. Users post the location of a poll and pound it into submission. Any poll with the UK name in it and we win. If UK was a choice in any of the above polls, Billy Gillispie would be the new President of the USA. Ah the power of the internet. Submit to the power of the winningest team in the history of college basketball. Democrats are lucky if Obama doesn’t lose votes because McCain wore a UK blue suit tonight. Yeah they are that crazy, but not crazy enough to believe polls they know how to skew.

13 days 18 hr 18 min 31 sec 367 ms till Midnight Madness.

“They had it before you, they had it during you, they’ll have it when you’re gone. Mr Obama”

billy g
-Al Maguire on Kentucky basketball tradition

(a special thanks to the people of Kentucky for making this my biggest post ever. It is by no means my best, but that is how it rolls some times. P.S. For the folks from England looking for info on the UK. Kentucky is the only UK in these parts.)


~ by gotea on September 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Anyone Vote In An Online Poll Last Night? Who Won The Debate? Billy Gillispie Did, That’s Who!”

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  2. […] Original post: Anyone Vote In An Online Poll Last Night? Who Won? Billy Gillispie … […]

  3. i dont like obama he cheats lies and coppys people ahhaah

  4. To Quote Obama, “you are right”

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