Russia To Build Missile Shield: Reagan Laughter Heard in Kremlin

Medvedev announces that Russia will build its own missile defense shield. In an announcement he claims.

Russia must modernize its nuclear defenses within eight years, including the creation of a “system of air and space defense”. Link

Shouldn’t the history of the cold war be required reading for the “leader” of Russia? How about any of a number lessons on the history of Ronald Reagan being learned? The world could do with a little more Reagan these days. When he took over after a lame duck Jimmy Carter, the state of the US economy was much the same. While Reagan’s first 4 years in office saw a continued downturn and spiraling national debt, his actions paved the way for the prosperity of the 90’s. Reagan took hold and in a dramatic “bluff”, bankrupted the eastern block. The SDI program was never a public success. Much of today’s technology was gained through the research Reagan started. We are told that SDI never got off the ground, but forced Russia to try and keep pace with the US expenditures. We are back to the old ballgame again. Feels good. A strange question for the Russians, was SDI really a bluff? Ask that EMP floating over your head.

In related news:

Russia offers Chavez nuclear help amid US tensions

Not really worth the comment. Giving Chavez the bomb, is like handing a chimp TnT. Sooner or later it will blow its hand off.

Man is not free unless government is limited.
Ronald Reagan



~ by gotea on September 27, 2008.

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