Bailout Fails, Market Crashes, Pelosi To Blame For All of It.

Ok, I have had enough of this woman. She has lead the most ineffective term as Speaker EVER. Her congress is a Democratic one. It has done nothing. Where is Tip O’Neil when you need him? Democrats have decided that they should add earmarks to a bill that deserved the respect and seriousness the situation required. Politics as usual in Washington is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

This woman should be ridden out on a rail. The Democrats that decided she was the best leader they could find need to be taken down. America is sick of the California Bullshit. Do whatever you want with the liberal hippies in your district, but your policy and ineffective leadership is exponentially worse than Bush’s effect on the economy. There needs to be a call to impeach her, or censure her because of her failure to act in the face of and economic disaster. November is close. She needs to leave now.



~ by gotea on September 29, 2008.

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