Even My Spell-Check Knows There is Something Wrong with Obama

The list of suitable corrections per my spell-check for the word Obama.


Unfortunately it never resolves to anything better than Alabama, and that ain’t good folks. I could always add it to my dictionary, but some things don’t merit inclusion unless I can supply the definition.
Personally, I will just revert to calling him Barry like his friends at school. Strange thing is, Barry sounds Christian, but when people called him that, he listed himself as a Muslim. Now that his name sounds Muslim, he is trying to convince me he is a Christian.

I think I am gonna go with the spell-check’s gut instinct on this one. It is correct, Obama just don’t look right for some reason.


Democracy is the road to socialism. Karl Marx


~ by gotea on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “Even My Spell-Check Knows There is Something Wrong with Obama”

  1. Hussien Obama don’t look right, sound right or act right! Well maybe he acts better when he’s with his LA friends in Hollywood! 🙂

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