Let It Burn: Market Needs to Correct Itself

Let it all crash? Take the hit now? That is the question we should all be asking. Only the strong should survive in my opinion.

Let us be frank here. You give credit to people who do not deserve it this is what you deserve. What factors have we ignored?

  • We have given loans to people who don’t deserve it based on minority status, and an inflated opinion of the economic reality.
  • We have allowed illegal aliens to receive loans without being able to provide a verifiable source of income.
  • We have allowed people to consume beyond their means, then charged them 21% on the debt creating a slave labor market for lenders.
  • We have allowed personal responsibility to be passed on to Wall ST, then back to the responsible.
  • We brought it on ourselves.
  • It’s ain’t just America. Europe, China, and the Third World deserve what they get.

Crash it all. Crash it now. bailout will not fix the root problem. The root problem is that people can’t control themselves. There is a difference between getting what you want, and getting what you need. This economy needs a good spanking. America will survive. I am investing in Ramen Noodles as I write.

Let it Burn! I’ll bring the marshmallows.



~ by gotea on September 29, 2008.

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