Blog Hate Mail: How Liberals Deal With Critics, and How I Deal With Them

You know I love when people post comments. Sure I get the normal amount of spam like any other blogger, but I never deny a opposing opinion a voice. I am pretty confident I am correct most of the time. I thought I would share with you one of our most vocal word press liberal “Obama Disciples” e-mail response to a comment I made on a recent post. I can honestly say it was probably quite innoculous. I don’t drop poo in other peoples backyards. So here is her response e-mail with highlighted insults. (I am not even going to print your real name.)

Title: Hi Stupid

Did you come to my site to show you were simply or just to show in your world of stupid you thought what you said represent wit?  Don’t bother to answer, I’ve dealt with your juvenile kind before.

If that video was speaking about me then I know for sure they included your mother, father and grandparents as well.  Although how one can derive at that conclusion I will leave to you since you are so utterly stupid.

You can vote for who ever you want because I already know you are too dumb to find out a thing about either candidate.  In your pathetic attempt to show your rage you gave me a laugh.  You can hate me all you want that’s what most juvenile’s do.  I’m an adult and do not have time for childish games from the immature.  Go scream at your mommy or daddy and bless them with your undeniable wit (ha).  The rest of the world have no time for petty conversations with wannabe adults.

Ok, anyone who has been to my blog can probably figure out I am an adult. That is kind of a softball. What strikes me as amazing about this person and her like, is the rage and piss poor skills at honest debate. The problem is the Liberal Rage issue facing the blog-sphere. It is just plain loony. This blogger who goes under the name chamay…..(somethingorother), is so invested in the Obama gleam that she may actually explode. She makes Al Sharpton seem reasonable. I really feel for this person. There is actual hate in her heart for anyone who supports any other candidate than Barak Obama. When Barak Obama loses this election there will need to be a mass deprogramming of his supporters. They have so invested themselves in the  Hate-Change Movement( or Cult) they will become ticking time bombs of negativity. It is a great thing that many political newcomers have gotten involved via their own blog. It will be even better when those same people invest the time and effort to educate themselves in the areas of political ideals and principals.

In closing, if a liberal has an issue with my retroconservative agenda please feel free to post a comment. it will be approved then decimated in a public forum. Obama is wrong for this country. I stand by that with good reason.  I have always found when directly debating or responding to a person, never use the word stupid, or bring family members into it. I still honestly have no clue what this wingnut is talking about, and I may be better for it.

Only a liberal would bring a knife to a gun fight.



~ by gotea on October 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Blog Hate Mail: How Liberals Deal With Critics, and How I Deal With Them”

  1. Liberals don’t debate; they rant and rave. I believe it stems from having positions based solely on emotions rather than facts. While Conservatives think Liberals feel.

    You really can’t enter into intelligent discourse with them because they cannot substantiate their positions with facts or look at the potential ramifications of the policies that they want enacted.

    The truly scary part is how easily they can be manipulated and motivated by an ideologue like Obama. They become a powerful and destructive force much like a stampede of bison.

  2. I agree Jo. It is just really sad to see people this brainwashed.

  3. The bigger problem in the political blogosphere is that you could take jonolan’s comment above, replace “liberal” with “conservative” and generally speaking, it would be just as accurate. Both sides can use tags as you used above –rage, brainwash, cult, etc– to “prove” their own point. Both sides are by and large already preaching to their own respecive choirs. I’m not sure why that poster even bothered to drop poo in your backyard –nice analogy by the way!– because she’s certainly not going to change your mind. And you won’t change her mind.

    Anyway, I’m not here to drop poo, but simply passing through.

  4. You are absolutely right. There are crazies on both sides. the caveat to that is Obama is more of a cult of personality. he is naturally drawing people who have varying causes who believe he will help them. I will be the first to admit that the younger generations are more likely to live in the pie in the sky world. I was like that as an early teen. It is something we grow out of. I know why I dislike Obama. I don’t trust the man. I respect the right of others to disagree with me. Right now the ideology he is pushing is being shoved down alot of normal people throats. honest debate should be a hallmark of this country. It is not the case currently, and the left wing much further overboard due to the fervor over Bush. This new election is not about Bush at all. It is about electing someone who is right for the country. That is being lost here.

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