2012: An Obama Odyssey..A Look Ahead.

It has been 4 years since the controversial Obama presidency began. His narrow 1 point victory over the McCain/Palin ticket has had dramatic effect on the United States. A brief overview of the current state of American under Obama.

Foreign Affairs:

Europe and America have never been closer. The current estrangement from Great Britain seems to be an acceptable loss for the Obama White House. The recent fall of the democratically elected governments of Georgia and the Ukraine has strained fuel supplies for Europe for the coming winter. As the war in Poland threatens to spread to neighboring Czech Republic, Great Britain has again called for assistance from the United States. Obama administration has sent several UN resolutions calling for peace talks with the newly reformed USSR. The Russians have responded by strengthening their hold on the Sudetenland. France, once an avid peacemaker in the region has seen recent Muslim uprisings in Paris and the newly re-socialized Germany turn into fearful times for the last remaining French west of the new Maginot line. The German right wing opposition members are currently in captivity or have fled to neighboring Austria. As the cleanup in Israel continues after the recent nuclear strike by Iran, Syrian peacekeepers, in what was once Jerusalem, have seen success in building their new “Containment Camps” for survivors of the Jewish state. International aid agencies have yet to be given access to the newly formed camps due to the roving Syrian and Egyptian militias. The newly Formed Socialist States of South America, lead by Primer Morales have began clear cutting the remaining parts of the once vibrant Amazon rain forest. The effects on the global climate have yet to be fully felt. Refugee camps in Mexico are becoming increasingly strained for resources as Canada retreats further from the world stage. The nuclearized African zone has now seen the death of over 1/2 of the populace. Obama has made it clear that help would be coming, but currently the world powers are at a loss for an answer to the food shortages due to the rampant looting and radioactive waste being brought by this years rainy season. Cancer rates worldwide are having as dramatic an effect as the still uncontrolled Avian Bird Flu outbreak in the Northeastern United States. Unrest in China has stopped much of its global economy from being exported. With continuing labor strikes, China’s economy is years from a meaningful recovery. Obama has urged the Australians to assist their neighboring countries, even as the trade embargo by the USA remains in effect. The Australian’s unwavering support for the newly reformed Southern States of America, has seen even stronger ties between Atlanta and the Australian capitol. Obama has refused to address the North-South split as Americans cross the Ohio in increasing numbers. It is going to be some time before the socialist north and the new southern republic can establish even basic diplomatic ties or a meaningful trade relationship. The refusal of Kentucky to allow any downriver commerce has forced all exports to flow from the northeastern port cities.

Domestic Affairs:

The current economy of the remaining 41 states is still in turmoil after the nationalization of Wall St, and the loss of gold reserves in Fort Knox. While the Hollywood propaganda machiene churns out new films every day for the Socialist dictatorship, the Obama coffers seem to be drying up. Faced with food shortages, and increasing expatriation of industry to the south, taxes have now reached 62%. Obama has begun nationalizing the remaining industries to avoid further loss. The recent bombing of the Erie Canal has forced shipments from Chicago overland. Food distribution centers have cut back distribution to once a month, and rationing of water and fuel has become a necessity. The revocation of the Second Amendment by Obama has kept local uprisings to a minimum, and re-education camps are now being used to produce cheap goods for sale on the world market. Deaths from starvation and malnutrition are still being under reported by the Obama White House. It is unclear how long the remaining 41 states will look across the Ohio River contently before Obama declares open hostilities. Southern forces based along the river in Kentucky have made attack and unrealistic option. There are no signs that Obama will relinquish the emergency suspension of the constitution, and call for new elections. He is here to stay.

“I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.” — Abraham Lincoln


(This is an unabashed look at where Obama policies could lead the USA. This may be a powerful piece of fiction for many of the left wing Obama supporters. It is. This is also a view of what “Change” could truely mean to Obama. Vote Well. Vote with your head.)


~ by gotea on October 5, 2008.

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