Role Models: Do They Effect You? Who Was Yours?

When I was a kid, I had role models. I adopted JFK after a my first paper in 4th grade. I also liked RFK after doing the research for the same paper. I sent a letter to Reagan once, and he sent one back. I still have it today. Through all my years I only got one autograph, Kentucky Basketball legend Kyle Macy. I wore his number when I played basketball. Jesus could be considered one of my top two role models. I call him number 2 because my father would be number one. A better person I have never met, to be half the man he is would be an accomplishment.

Role models are important. For many, they are someone to become, admire, and emulate. Kids choose sports figures, I have mine. These people are fallible. I always thought Shaq was a genuinely nice person, and carried himself with the dignity and character worthy of emulation. Maybe some kids pick Britney Spears? Lord I hope very few.

Did these people effect me? Absolutely. I wanted to shoot like Macy, talk like Regan, rally like JFK, love like Jesus, and be dignified as my father. I never did shoot like Macy, talk like Reagan, rally like JFK, love even close to Jesus, but being like my Dad is still possible.

The point? What if my role models are bad people? What if I looked up to people like Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, or a delinquent father? “No Bueno”, as my illegal Mexican friends say (yes I have a few). There will be people who say Obama was only 7 years old when Ayers assisted in bombing the United States. Well he was a “grown-ass man” when he sat through sermons in a church even Jesus would have walked out on. He was a man when he allied himself with Bill Ayers in a will to power. Lord knows what effect his real father had on him. This is why it is important. Are role models important? I would say they are.

“I never thought a role model should be negative.” Michael Jordan



~ by gotea on October 6, 2008.

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