News of the Dumb: Morning Roundup

I am pretty sure it isn’t a full moon outside, but the news seems to be a bit on the wacky side. Good for me I guess.

  • Former Mr.Gay UK eats his boyfriend, literally. Hell, he could have been the former Ithaca New York Plumber of the Year when he did it. Just adds a little pazazz to the story. This will surely keep the plans for Iron Chef UK on the shelf for a year or so.
  • Madonna somehow thinks she is still a US citizen. What are ya 50 something? Last time I checked your backwater Pennsylvania ass was sporting a fake English accent. So Palin isn’t invited to a public show in the Meadowlands? Can we deport Madonna?
  • Speaking of deport, Kenya has Barak Obama in the lead for their battleground state. They have detained a reporter who doesn’t write sweet nothings about their favorite son. FYI Kenya, you can have him back.
  • Brits really do have guns, and for some reason, Obama T-Shirts. Looks like not all the folks in Britian are too key on the New Obama T’s. A guy got capped 3 times for wearing one. Looks like Obama is ahead of schedule on bringing a bit of Chicago Change to Europe. I guess it is cool to wear my throwback Tony Brown jersey again. (btw it was really a bb gun, nothing like toy gangsters in Britain)
  • In Putin news, he has got himself a new workout video. Ok Vlad, we get it you are a man. I just keep wondering how long till you start pimpin the liver spot, man titty look we love in out Russian leaders? I can’t wait for the infomercial at 3 am.
  • Last but not least, Europe is pretty damn stupid. As I pointed out many days ago, and in several posts they really don’t have a grip on this whole global economy thing. Cavuto agreed with me yesterday. How about a little credit? Ha, I said credit. Funny stuff.

With a world like this, I will never run out of material. Awesome. Oh yeah, register to vote. If you are dumb, stay home, and play with your XBOX 360.



~ by gotea on October 7, 2008.

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