LEGAL Hispanic Voters: Obama, Unions, and You

The other day I was taking to my friend Luis. He has been in the USA for over 25 years. He came illegally, and like many Hispanics, was given amnesty in the 1980’s. If there was a pro amnesty argument it would be Luis. He came here, works hard, supports his family, and is an all around good person. He asked me who I was voting for the other day, and I suggested McCain. He reacted with surprise. To him, John McCain would be bad for his family, and be a cause for more deportation. Latino voters are not Liberals. Many have a strong work ethic and a strict moral code. The Latinos are religious. You could call them populist in their view. It struck me how bad the language barrier has hurt the Hispanic community. These are legal voters. Luis speaks English, but his news is delivered in Spanish. His children speak English fluently. He believed that John McCain would hurt Mexican jobs back home, and his friends would be deported as soon as he was elected. I asked him if he didn’t understand that it was Democrats that would be first to close up the border. Democrats that would destroy NAFTA. He asked me why. I explained that to secure the Union vote in places like PA, OH, and Mich. Obama would have to come down hard on illegal aliens and outsourcing of American jobs. The Democrats have been pretty good at playing both sides of the fence. You could blame it on groups like La Raza, or Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, that seek to control their own populace within their new country. These are the same groups that claim to be fighting for their people, while attempting to block any regulation or enforcement of immigration laws. Don’t get me wrong, conservatives want something done about illegal immigration. Guest worker programs and tighter border controls are good for the Mexican and South American people. They are good for America. Listen one time to the story of how an immigrant got here. Have them describe their journey. They will tell you a story of spending thousands of dollars on guides (coyotes), and 10 day trips through the desert. They will tell you stories of sleeping with snakes, scorpions, and passing graves of the “not so lucky” on the way here. Hispanics are good people. They get a bad rap. Immigration reform is a nessity to provide the dignity, safety and respect Latino deserve. As for Obama, they don’t deserve to be lied to and herded to the polls like cattle. That happens back at home. That is what they left for a better life. That is stealing. People like Luis deserve better.



~ by gotea on October 9, 2008.

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