Theft By The Left: My Vote Has Already Been Stolen

So the people at Acorn think it is cool to defraud me. To take away my vote is theft. This really pisses me off.

Sure this may be par for the course in Chicago politics. Dead people voting still? While Democrats cried like babies after losing Florida in 2000, they now seek to make this election invalid. We have a month folks. One month to check the rolls, fix this now. 10 states have launched investigations of ACORN, whos political wing supports Barak Obama. People who knowingly vote more than once should be publicly flogged. Beaten by their neighbors. It should be a felony. Lock um up. Want proof of the theft? Indianapolis is currently at 105% voter registration. (This writer thinks it isn’t fraud because he says so.)That is 5% bullshit. With a race this close, that is more than enough to void an election, change the course of our Republic, not to mention cause riots in the street. Am I advocating violence? Not really, but if a person approaches you requesting you commit fraud. Call the cops. Toss them into the orange jumpsuit. This one is headed for the Supreme Court. Again. If you have to cheat the people, and call it Change at least buy me dinner first.

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.” Stalin



~ by gotea on October 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Theft By The Left: My Vote Has Already Been Stolen”

  1. OK, I’ll advocate for you.

    If a person approaches you requesting you commit fraud, shoot him or her dead in the street! Be a true patriot, put your nation before your personal comfort and kill any man, woman or child who tries to convince you to commit voter fraud.

  2. It would cause people to think twice.

  3. Where were you in the primary when eleven caucus states were stolen with bullying and scams? Where were you when the Indiana primary was so blatantly stolen? You waited till the G.E. to wake up. My vote was stolen in 04 and again this time and you are just now figuring out that ACORN was involved. Well get a clue. Obama did not “win” ten states in a row. Go read Dr. Lynette Long’s caucus Fraud papers. he stole every caucus state and hardly won ANY primaries save his own state because you can’t cheat so easily in those. ACORN was involved from day one well before you got your vote stolen. I guess it was okay when he was doing it to Hillary Clinton voters? It needs to be STOPPED or America is a sham. Whether Bush does it or Obama. Enough. This guy is worse than Nixon but, the media rewards his vote stealing?????

    America you are shameful in so many ways it’s not even funny.

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