Midnight Madness after Mid-Day Sadness

Stock market got you down? Having a bad week at work. Can’t wait till the weekend? Good news folks. College Basketball has been delivered early this year by Billy Clyde Gillispie. Yes that is right. The team that first brought you the fast break, the motion offense, stifling full court basketball, and revolutionized the way everyone plays basketball, is having Midnight Madness tonight. Of course not everyone is happy about it, like the head of the NABC, which just happens to be the old layabout coach that left the same program in shambles not 1 year ago. Sour grapes? Move over wussys. You could get run over by the Big Blue Machine. (Yes I know this is not a political post. Some things are more important that who the next president will be. Like basketball.)

Kentucky Basketball: Making Your Tradition Irrelevant Since 1902



~ by gotea on October 10, 2008.

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