Undecided Voters: Lying, Grandstanding, or Not Paying Attention?

3 weeks left and people should know where they stand by now. Watch any of the supposed “undecided voters”, post debate, and you may come away feeling a bit robbed. You made your decision already. Stats show that viewership has declined in the last debate, and was poor on the first. For some it is a case of privacy, or the “Noneya Vote”. Normally that would be me. It is none of your business who I am voting for.(I am voting for McCain hippy) On the other hand you have those who love the attention. They are grandstanding. It makes them feel big, we get it.

It remains to be seen where these undecided voters go. At last estimate, they account for about 7%. I would offer that they may have already decided. It is still difficult to ask a white person on national TV if they are going to vote against Obama. It makes them a racist, and subject to the Dem’s attack plans. Please don’t ignore the truth that a Black person voting for Obama because he is black, is fair. The converse is not. There is still something for the civil rights movement to work on. Racism in the Black community is out of hand and dangerous. Get your house in order, and remember the legacy you are leaving. You are spitting on MLK’s Dream. Maybe you should go to work on his birthday this year, because you just don’t get what he was saying. This 7% is a dangerous number for Obama, not for McCain. The decision is easy, even if both choices are poor. The mud slinging is nasty, and people are sick of it.


~ by gotea on October 16, 2008.

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